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14345Re: multiview (feature idea)

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jul 7, 2000
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      Johannes Zellner wrote:

      > I just wasn't able to find a nice solution to do
      > sort of a `multiview' with vim functions. So this
      > is an idea for a new feature `set multiview=...'

      For Vim ("real soon now") 6.0 there will be the 'suffixesadd' option.
      I think it does what you expect from "multiview". Here is the help for the

      'suffixesadd' 'sua' string (default "")
      local to buffer
      {not in Vi}
      {not available when compiled without the
      |+file_in_path| feature}
      Comma separated list of suffixes, which are used when searching for a
      file for the "gf", "[I", etc. commands. Example:
      :set suffixesadd=.java

      It's still a bit short...

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