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14097new feature in java.vim

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  • Claudio Fleiner
    May 31, 2000

      I'd like to get some feedback from people using vim to
      write java programs. Joris Melchior (jmelchio@...)
      added the class names of over 60 standard packages to
      the java.vim file. The only negative side effect is that
      the file is much larger. For every single package there is an
      option so that you can turn highlighting for that one on
      or off. In oder to turn highlighting on for every package
      let java_highlight_all=1

      Please use the attached java.vim and the new features and
      let Joris and me know what you think (for example if you
      would like to have more coarse grained control).

      Thanks, Claudio

      Claudio Fleiner cfl@...
      Transmeta Corporation (408) 919 6382