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  • Neil Bird
    May 30, 2000
      Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > This looks rather obscure to me. A ":globalset" or ":gset" command is
      > easier to implement and its clearer what it does.

      I was mulling this over during the W/E when I had cause to read the
      BuffOptions help - I don't want it enough to want to hassle of setting it
      up once for this, and then change it when/if vim does it natively.

      Anyway, without wanting to get too deeply involved in the discussion
      [I'll fit in with whatever's decided] my preference would be a solution
      along the line of Bram's, with two new commands for globalset and localset
      (should that be bufferset?).

      Autocommands still make my head spin so I shan't get involved in what
      sort of buffer change sets what :)

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