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13913Re: Suggestion [was: Re: Easter exercise for the reader]

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    May 1, 2000
      Ron Aaron wrote:

      > I mean that if I do:
      > unmap <cr>
      > when <cr> wasn't mapped to something, I get the error message "No such
      > mapping". If I e.g. want to make sure that certain keys are unmapped:
      > au BufEnter * unmap <cr>
      > I get that annoying message every time I go into a buffer unless that key was
      > mapped. So instead, I do something like:
      > au BufEnter * if mapcheck('<cr>')!='' | unmap <cr> | endif
      > which is a lot more work than I should have to do, IMHO.
      > Does this make sense?

      Ah, now I understand. ":silent unmap <cr>" should not bother you with a
      message. I'll add a remark in the todo list.

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