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13754Re: New Makefile for bcc 5.5

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Apr 5, 2000
      Maurice S. Barnum wrote:

      > : > : There is one remaining problem that I could not solve yet: When running the
      > : > : OLE version, it cannot register itself. After successfully registering
      > : > : (using a gvim compiled with MS-VC) it does run normally. Does anyone know
      > : > : why registering doesn't work?
      > : >
      > : > I don't, but i'll take a look at it.
      > :
      > : Please do, it's probably simple to solve if you know how to do it...
      > i haven't had any luck reproducing this problem yet on a win2k
      > system. i don't think i've ever run the ole-enabled gvim before, and
      > i've scoured the registry looking for vim stuff to delete.
      > if i get a bit of time later this week, i'll try on nt4 and see what i
      > can find.

      In case it matters, I had these registration problems of OLE gvim on Windows
      98 (original, I still don't have SE). The version compiled with MS-VC works
      just fine. Perhaps another #define we need to set for Bcc 5.5?

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