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13687Re: New Makefile for bcc 5.5

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  • Ron Aaron
    Apr 2, 2000
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      Maurice S. Barnum <pixi@...> writes:
      >Bram Moolenaar <Bram@...> writes:
      >: Thanks to a hint from Dan Sharp, menus do work now when Vim is compiled with
      >: the free Borland C compiler 5.5.
      >on a vaguely related subject, i think that using the -pr switch ("use register
      >calling convention by default") was a mistake that has resulted in the

      Ahem. If I may interject, I am the one who made the Borland compiles use
      register calling convention.

      Before you turn off the feature, benchmark the behaviour with and without it.
      I saw a 15-30% speed improvement with the feature on, as well as a size
      reduction in the executable. The benefit will be different depending on the
      processor class etc, but do be sure to test on 486, Pentium and newer
      processors -- and realize that *many* people use older CPUs.

      In my judgement, the benefit of 'fastcall' was worth cluttering the code with
      a few #ifdefs. YMMV.

      >the performance
      >advantage of the register calling convention will only come into play
      >with rather small functions: otherwise, the parameter will likely get
      >pushed onto the stack to free up the register in which it's sitting.

      Have you *benchmarked* this to verify what you are saying? My experience is
      different than what you indicate, but admittedly the source is fairly
      different than the version I put 'fastcall' in.

      >would you be interested in a tested patch that removes this clutter?

      No, thanks -- I use the much better 'gcc-2.95.2' free compiler now :-)

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