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13684Re: New Makefile for bcc 5.5

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Apr 2, 2000
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      Maurice S. Barnum wrote:

      > on a vaguely related subject, i think that using the -pr switch ("use
      > register calling convention by default") was a mistake that has resulted in
      > the Vim source being littered with "#ifdef __BORLANDC__". the performance
      > advantage of the register calling convention will only come into play
      > with rather small functions: otherwise, the parameter will likely get
      > pushed onto the stack to free up the register in which it's sitting.
      > would you be interested in a tested patch that removes this clutter?

      Having system or compiler specific #ifdefs in many files is certainly a
      disadvantage. And when making changes these __BORLANDC__ things may need to
      be updated too. If there is no noticable performance difference, I would
      rather get rid of them.

      > : There is one remaining problem that I could not solve yet: When running the
      > : OLE version, it cannot register itself. After successfully registering
      > : (using a gvim compiled with MS-VC) it does run normally. Does anyone know
      > : why registering doesn't work?
      > I don't, but i'll take a look at it.

      Please do, it's probably simple to solve if you know how to do it...

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