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13515RE: Limits on the number of possible buttons...

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  • Robert Webb
    Mar 16, 2000
      > Vince Negri wrote:
      > >
      > > > Marcin Dalecki wrote:
      > > > What about the hidden semantics of letting explicity
      > > > echo confirm("Do you like big dialogues?", "Yes\rYes\r ... ")
      > > > request for vertical layout?
      > >
      > > That would be the 'v' in guioptions(!)
      > Quoting from the documentation:
      > 'v' Use a vertical button layout for dialogs. When not
      > included,
      > a horizontal layout is preferred, but when it doesn't fit a
      > vertical layout is used anyway.
      > Right... silly - this is something one should be able to decide
      > about on a *per dialogue* basis. I think my simple "of the hook" idea
      > provides a more logical solution. This 'v' is one option too much
      > it should be removed alltogether.

      The "V" option should be there, but only as a user-preference, ie some users
      may prefer to always have a vertical layout (I thought this was what it was
      for). Within a script you shouldn't have to use it. Didn't we have a
      :vconfirm() command and a vconfirm() function at some point to force
      vertical layout? I remember them being talked about, but maybe that was all
      (although I feel sure they existed at some stage!). Wouldn't these be
      perfect? For something like the ispell script, you probably want to always
      use a vertical layout.

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