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13513Re: Limits on the number of possible buttons...

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  • Martin Dalecki
    Mar 15, 2000
      Andy Kahn wrote:
      > > Right. But if you ask for it ... you should get it 8-).
      > > I guess my 1600x1200 resolution sceen could present about 50
      > > buttons in line maximally.
      > I too have 1600x1200, but I don't like seeing more than 3-5 buttons
      > anyway. Too much input is too confusing for me...

      Sure Andy no problem here. I just think that in some very special super
      rare cases someone may just like to have this feature.
      (Like having the ability to for example abuse the whole as a kind
      for dynamically created selection list for whathever he want's)
      And you know in terms of code/space/coding time it didn't cost me
      more then just about 15 minutes...

      > > BTW. Did you maintan you configuration notebook dialogue code,
      > > which did "rejected" officially but I found personlly to
      > > be more convenient then the pseudo input sheet we have now
      > > instead.
      > Yes, I'm pretty sure I still have it somewhere. Do you need it? I
      > could make a patch against 5.6 and send it to the mailing list.

      Yes I would appreciate it, since I'm quite busy currently just
      implementing all what *I* would personally like to see inside of VIM:

      1. Proper LOCALE and i18n stuff support. (prio 1 for me, mostly done)
      2. Much smoother GUI usability. (You know those days just ssh and X11
      doesn't get me to use plain term apps much anylonger now...)

      And the GUI based configuration thingee was much much saner in this
      in my oppinion then what we currently have... (What we currently have is
      fine for terminal based apps, but is't just a bad joke if you run the

      Marcin Dalecki
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