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  • Ralf Arens
    Mar 15, 2000
      * Marcin Dalecki [2000-03-15 13:59]:
      > Vince Negri wrote:

      >>> Andy Kahn quaked:
      >>> Egad, the thought of having a
      >>> dialog box with more than 10 buttons is terrifying.

      >> Such abominations already exist in Win32/Win16...

      > Looks funny. However *there* actully may be
      > legitimate use for it.

      I think there is. As I alreadey posted, I wrote some functions for
      Ispell. One is for spelling a single word. Try e.g. this one:

      ~ % echo "gon" | ispell -a
      @(#) International Ispell Version 3.1.20 10/10/95
      & gon 23 0: con, don, gin, go, Goa, gob, god, gone, gong, got, gown, gun, hon,
      ion, Jon, Mon, non, on, Ron, son, ton, won, yon

      There are 23 possibilites, I doesn't look nice but I can't help it.


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