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13276VINE 0.25 released

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  • Ron Aaron
    Feb 2, 2000
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      The new release is 0.25, at http://www.mossbayeng.com/~ron/vim/vine.html

      What is VINE? An email client alternative to Outlook, Netscape and mutt. It
      works anywhere vim and perl work, and is simple to set up. Support POP (and
      APOP) and SMTP, using vim as the UI and perl as the communications engine.
      Can handle MIME attachments (sending or receiving).

      The current release has the following *new* features since the last release:
      - INSTALL file and better docs in README.TXT
      - open URL from within VINE
      - enhanced index:
      - made 'file' info invisible
      - add two flag positions:
      - '+' for mail sent *to* you
      - '@' for mail cc'ed you
      - '!' for important mail
      - '*' for bulk mail
      - 'from' field will always show a name if possible, rather than an
      entire canonical address
      - option to 'reindex all', removes all but 'new' and 'trash' indices
      and rebuilds.
      - make sure version shows up properly in mail
      - aliases resolve on mail send (and aliases use vim, not perl now)
      - opening mail from index seeks to first 'important' mail header
      - nicknames in plain-text
      - menus reorganized
      - options for VINE put in 'vine.cfg', user editable (via menu too)
      - attachments handled more cleanly -- deleting the mail buffer which had
      the attachments prompts you if you want to delete the attachments from
      the disk.
      - deleting mail works as it should. expunge works too.
      - mail 'serial' number resets to 1 on new month boundary.