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13274building Vim on Win32 with Metrowerks Code Warrior

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  • fty@cisco.com
    Feb 1, 2000
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      Has anyone attempted to buld Vim on Windoze with Code Warrior? It has
      a feature that imports nmake files, but I get so many compilation errors
      it seems like the #ifdefs are most likely set incorrect.

      I'm a Unix biggot and completely lost WRT programming environments on
      the PC.

      thanks - Frank

      Frank Terhaar-Yonkers
      Cisco Systems, Inc.
      Manager, Solution Performance Engineering
      NSITE - Pineview Building - RTP
      7025 Kit Creek Road PO Box 14987
      Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27709
      fty@... voice(919)392-2101 fx(919)392-5600