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Vim version 5.6a ready for BETA testing

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Hello Vimmers, This is a BETA version of Vim 5.6. It includes all patches that have been sent out for 5.5, plus a few extras (new and updated syntax files,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 1999
      Hello Vimmers,

      This is a BETA version of Vim 5.6. It includes all patches that have been
      sent out for 5.5, plus a few extras (new and updated syntax files, docs,

      The main reason for bringing out this beta version is that the DOS, Windows,
      Amiga versions need testing, since there have been no patches for the
      executables. And it doesn't hurt to give all the changes some more testing,
      version 5.6 is supposed to be very reliable.

      If all goes well, version 5.6 will be released in two weeks.

      Note that all the files are under the "unreleased" directory.

      There is a new way to obtain the latest Vim sources: CVS. You need the cvs
      program for this. Info can be found at http://cvs.vim.org It may take a
      day before version 5.6a is available by CVS.


      You can find Vim 5.6a here:


      See this file for Mirrors:



      unix/vim-5.6a-src.tar.gz Unix(*) Sources
      unix/vim-5.5-5.6a-src.diff.gz sources diff with version 5.5
      unix/vim-5.6a-rt.tar.gz Unix(*) runtime files
      unix/vim-5.5-5.6a-rt.diff.gz runtime diff with version 5.5

      extra/vim-5.6a-extra.tar.gz Unix(*) Extra sources and docs (Farsi, OLE, VisVim)
      extra/vim-5.5-5.6a-extra.diff.gz diff with version 5.5

      pc/vim56art.zip Win32 DOS and MS-Windows runtime files
      pc/gvim56a.zip Win32 32 bit Windows 95/98/NT GUI binaries.
      Recommended for Windows 95/98 and NT. The
      best choice for syntax highlighting and
      pc/gvim56aole.zip Win32 32 bit Windows 95/98/NT GUI binaries, with
      OLE support and VisVim.
      pc/gvim56a_s.zip Win32s 32 bit Windows 3.1/3.11 GUI binaries.
      Requires Win32s.
      pc/vim56aw32.zip Win32 32 bit Windows console binaries.
      Recommended for Windows NT, not for 95/98.
      Supports long file names.
      pc/vim56ad32.zip MS-DOS 32 bit protected mode binaries.
      Recommended for MS-DOS, Windows 3.1 and
      Windows 95/98 console. It is compiled with
      DJGPP, it may need a DPMI driver (CWSDPMI
      is included). Supports long file names on
      Windows 95/98.
      pc/vim56ad16.zip MS-DOS 16 bit real mode binaries.
      Runs on most MS-DOS systems, but is
      restricted to using 640K memory. Small
      version, without e.g., syntax highlighting
      and autocommands.
      pc/vim56asrc.zip PC Sources for PC versions (with CR-LF).

      os2/vim56art.zip OS/2 runtime files (same as pc/vim55rt.zip)
      os2/vim56aos2.zip OS/2 binaries
      (use the Unix and extra archives for OS/2

      amiga/vim56art.tgz Amiga runtime files
      amiga/vim56abin.tgz Amiga Binary
      amiga/vim56abig.tgz Amiga Binary with more features
      amiga/vim56asrc.tgz Amiga Sources for Amiga

      doc/vim56ahtml.zip all Documentation converted to HTML

      (*) Also for BeOS, OS/2, VMS, Macintosh and Atari MiNT

      The contents of the source archives depends on the specified system. To
      obtain the full sources and docs, get the three Unix archives.

      system file type Unpack with

      Unix file.tar.gz gunzip file.tar.gz; tar xf file.tar
      Amiga file.tgz gzip -d file.tgz; tar xf file.tar
      PC file.zip pkunzip -d file.zip
      unzip file.zip


      This is the complete list of changes since version 5.5.


      Small changes to OleVim files. (Christian Schaller)

      Inserted "/**/" between patch numbers in src/version.c. This allows for one
      line of context, which some versions of patch need.

      Reordered the Syntax menu to avoid long submenus. Removed keyboard shortcuts
      for alphabetical items to avoid clash with fixed items.


      Included Exuberant Ctags version 3.3.3. (Darren Hiebert)

      New syntax files:
      Abel "abel.vim"
      MakeIndex syntax "ist.vim"
      Arc Macro Language "aml.vim"
      Java Server Pages "jsp.vim"
      Apache-style config file "apachestyle.vim"
      files with CTRL-H sequences "ctrlh.vim"
      CUPL "cupl.vim" and "cuplsim.vim"
      Remind "remind.vim"
      Structured Query Report Writer "sqr.vim"
      TADS "tads.vim"
      X Pixmap v2 "xpm2.vim"

      The 'C' flag in 'cpoptions' can be used to switch off concatenation for
      sourced lines. See patch 5.5.013 below.

      "excludenl" argument for the ":syntax" command. See patch 5.5.032 below.

      Implemented "z+" and "z^" commands. See patch 5.5.050 below.


      VMS: ioctl() in pty.c caused trouble, #ifndef VMS added.

      Using this mapping in Select mode, terminates completion:
      ":vnoremap <C-N> <Esc>a<C-N>" (Benji Fisher)
      Ignore K_SELECT in ins_compl_prep().

      GTK GUI: With GTK 1.2.5 and later the scrollbars were not redrawn correctly.
      Adjusted the gtk_form_draw() function.

      Patch 5.5.001
      Problem: Configure in the top directory did not pass on an argument with a
      space correctly. For example "./configure --previs="/My home".
      (Stephane Chazelas)
      Solution: Use '"$@"' instead of '$*' to pass on the arguments.
      Files: configure

      Patch 5.5.002
      Problem: Compilation error for using "fds[] & POLLIN". (Jeff Walker)
      Solution: Use "fds[].revents & POLLIN".
      Files: src/os_unix.c

      Patch 5.5.003
      Problem: The autoconf check for sizeof(int) is wrong on machines where
      sizeof(size_t) != sizeof(int).
      Solution: Use our own configure check. Also fixes the warning for
      Files: src/configure.in, src/configure

      Patch 5.5.004
      Problem: On Unix it's not possible to interrupt ":sleep 100".
      Solution: Switch terminal to cooked mode while asleep, to allow a SIGINT to
      wake us up. But switch off echo, added TMODE_SLEEP.
      Files: src/term.h, src/os_unix.c

      Patch 5.5.005
      Problem: When using <f-args> with a user command, an empty argument to the
      command resulted in one empty string, while no string was
      Solution: Catch an empty argument and pass no argument to the function.
      (Paul Moore)
      Files: src/ex_docmd.c

      Patch 5.5.006
      Problem: Python: When platform-dependent files are in another directory
      than the platform-independent files it doesn't work.
      Solution: Also check the executable directory, and add it to CFLAGS. (Tessa
      Files: src/configure.in, src/configure

      Patch 5.5.007 (extra)
      Problem: Win32 OLE: Occasional crash when exiting while still being used
      via OLE.
      Solution: Move OleUninitialize() to before deleting the application object.
      (Vince Negri)
      Files: src/if_ole.cpp

      Patch 5.5.008
      Problem: 10000@@ takes a long time and cannot be interrupted.
      Solution: Check for CTRL-C typed while in the loop to push the register.
      Files: src/normal.c

      Patch 5.5.009
      Problem: Recent Sequent machines don't link with "-linet". (Kurtis Rader)
      Solution: Remove configure check for Sequent.
      Files: src/configure.in, src/configure

      Patch 5.5.010
      Problem: Ctags freed a memory block twice when exiting. When out of
      memory, a misleading error message was given.
      Solution: Update to ctags 3.3.2. Also fixes a few other problems. (Darren
      Files: src/ctags/*

      Patch 5.5.011
      Problem: After "CTRL-V s", the cursor jumps back to the start, while all
      other operators leave the cursor on the last changed character.
      (Xiangjiang Ma)
      Solution: Position cursor on last changed character, if possible.
      Files: src/ops.c

      Patch 5.5.012
      Problem: Using CTRL-] in Visual mode doesn't work when the text includes a
      space (just where it's useful). (Stefan Bittner)
      Solution: Don't escape special characters in a tag name with a backslash.
      Files: src/normal.c

      Patch 5.5.013
      Problem: The ":append" and ":insert" commands allow using a leading
      backslash in a line. The ":source" command concatenates those
      lines. (Heinlein)
      Solution: Add the 'C' flag in 'cpoptions' to switch off concatenation.
      Files: src/ex_docmd.c, src/option.h, runtime/doc/options.txt,
      runtime/filetype.vim, runtime/scripts.vim

      Patch 5.5.014
      Problem: When executing a register with ":@", the ":append" command would
      get text lines with a ':' prepended. (Heinlein)
      Solution: Remove the ':' characters.
      Files: src/ex_docmd.c, src/ex_getln.c, src/globals.h

      Patch 5.5.015
      Problem: When using ":g/pat/p", it's hard to see where the output starts,
      the ":g" command is overwritten. Vi keeps the ":g" command.
      Solution: Keep the ":g" command, but allow overwriting it with the report
      for the number of changes.
      Files: src/ex_cmds.c

      Patch 5.5.016 (extra)
      Problem: Win32: Using regedit to install Vim in the popup menu requires the
      user to confirm this in a dialog.
      Solution: Use "regedit /s" to avoid the dialog
      Files: src/dosinst.c

      Patch 5.5.017
      Problem: If an error occurs when closing the current window, Vim could get
      stuck in the error handling.
      Solution: Don't set curwin to NULL when closing the current window.
      Files: src/window.c

      Patch 5.5.018
      Problem: Absolute paths in shell scripts do not always work.
      Solution: Use /usr/bin/env to find out the path.
      Files: runtime/doc/vim2html.pl, runtime/tools/efm_filter.pl,

      Patch 5.5.019
      Problem: A function call in 'statusline' stops using ":q" twice from
      exiting, when the last argument hasn't been edited.
      Solution: Don't decrement quitmore when executing a function. (Madsen)
      Files: src/ex_docmd.c

      Patch 5.5.020
      Problem: When the output of CTRL-D completion in the commandline goes all
      the way to the last column, there is an empty line.
      Solution: Don't add a newline when the cursor wrapped already. (Madsen)
      Files: src/ex_getln.c

      Patch 5.5.021
      Problem: When checking if a file name in the tags file is relative,
      environment variables were not expanded.
      Solution: Expand the file name before checking if it is relative. (Madsen)
      Files: src/tag.c

      Patch 5.5.022
      Problem: When setting or resetting 'paste' the ruler wasn't updated.
      Solution: Update the status lines when 'ruler' changes because of 'paste'.
      Files: src/option.c

      Patch 5.5.023
      Problem: When editing a new file and autocommands change the cursor
      position, the cursor was moved back to the first non-white, unless
      'startofline' was reset.
      Solution: Keep the new column, just like the line number.
      Files: src/ex_cmds.c

      Patch 5.5.024 (extra)
      Problem: Win32 GUI: When using confirm() to put up a dialog without a
      default button, the dialog would not have keyboard focus.
      Solution: Always set focus to the dialog window. Only set focus to a button
      when a default one is specified.
      Files: src/gui_w32.c

      Patch 5.5.025
      Problem: When using "keepend" in a syntax region, a contained match that
      includes the end-of-line could still force that region to
      continue, if there is another contained match in between.
      Solution: Check the keepend_level in check_state_ends().
      Files: src/syntax.c

      Patch 5.5.026
      Problem: When starting Vim in a white-on-black xterm, with 'bg' set to
      "dark", and then starting the GUI with ":gui", setting 'bg' to
      "light" in the gvimrc, the highlighting isn't set. (Tsjokwing)
      Solution: Set the highlighting when 'bg' is changed in the gvimrc, even
      though full_screen isn't set.
      Files: src/option.c

      Patch 5.5.027
      Problem: Unix: os_unix.c doesn't compile when XTERM_CLIP is used but
      WANT_TITLE isn't. (Barnum)
      Solution: Move a few functions that are used by the X11 title and clipboard
      and put another "#if" around it.
      Files: src/os_unix.c

      Patch 5.5.028 (extra)
      Problem: Win32 GUI: When a file is dropped on Win32 gvim while at the ":"
      prompt, the file is edited but the command line is actually still
      there, the cursor goes back to command line on the next command.
      Solution: When dropping a file or directory on gvim while at the ":" prompt,
      insert the name of the file/directory. Allows using the
      file/directory name for any Ex command.
      Files: src/gui_w32.c

      Patch 5.5.029
      Problem: "das" at the end of the file didn't delete the last character of
      the sentence.
      Solution: When there is no character after the sentence, make the operation
      inclusive in current_sent().
      Files: src/search.c

      Patch 5.5.030
      Problem: Unix: in os_unix.c, "term_str" is used, which is also defined in
      vim.h as a macro. (wuxin)
      Solution: Renamed "term_str" to "buf" in do_xterm_trace().
      Files: src/os_unix.c

      Patch 5.5.031 (extra)
      Problem: Win32 GUI: When exiting Windows, gvim will leave swap files behind
      and will be killed ungracefully. (Krishna)
      Solution: Catch the WM_QUERYENDSESSION and WM_ENDSESSION messages and try to
      exit gracefully. Allow the user to cancel the shutdown if there
      is a changed buffer.
      Files: src/gui_w32.c

      Patch 5.5.032
      Problem: Patch 5.5.025 wasn't right. And C highlighting was still not
      working correctly for a #define.
      Solution: Added "excludenl" argument to ":syntax", to be able not to extend
      a containing item when there is a match with the end-of-line.
      Files: src/syntax.c, runtime/doc/syntax.txt, runtime/syntax/c.vim

      Patch 5.5.033
      Problem: When reading from stdin, a long line in viminfo would mess up the
      file message. readfile() uses IObuff for keep_msg, which could be
      overwritten by anyone.
      Solution: Copy the message from IObuff to msg_buf and set keep_msg to that.
      Also change vim_fgets() to not use IObuff any longer.
      Files: src/fileio.c

      Patch 5.5.034
      Problem: "gvim -rv" caused a crash. Using 't_Co' before it's set.
      Solution: Don't try to initilize the highlighting before it has been
      initilized from main().
      Files: src/syntax.c

      Patch 5.5.035
      Problem: GTK with XIM: Resizing with status area was messy, and
      ":set guioptions+=b" didn't work.
      Solution: Make status area a separate widget, but not a separate window.
      (Chi-Deok Hwang)
      Files: src/gui_gtk_f.c, src/gui_gtk_x11.c, src/multbyte.c

      Patch 5.5.036
      Problem: The GZIP_read() function in $VIMRUNTIME/vimrc_example.vim to
      uncompress a file did not do detection for 'fileformat'. This is
      because the filtering is done with 'binary' set.
      Solution: Split the filtering into separate write, filter and read commands.
      Files: runtime/vimrc_example.vim

      Patch 5.5.037
      Problem: The "U" command didn't mark the buffer as changed. (McCormack)
      Solution: Set the 'modified' flag when using "U".
      Files: src/undo.c

      Patch 5.5.038
      Problem: When typing a long ":" command, so that the screen scrolls up,
      causes the hit-return prompt, even though the user just typed
      return to execute the command.
      Solution: Reset need_wait_return if (part of) the command was typed in
      Files: src/ex_getln.c

      Patch 5.5.039
      Problem: When using a custom status line, "%a" (file # of #) reports the
      index of the current window for all windows.
      Solution: Pass a window pointer to append_arg_number(), and pass the window
      being updated from build_stl_str_hl(). (Stephen P. Wall)
      Files: src/buffer.c, src/screen.c, src/proto/buffer.pro

      Patch 5.5.040
      Problem: Multi-byte: When there is some error in xim_real_init(), it can
      close XIM and return. After this there can be a segv.
      Solution: Test "xic" for being non-NULL, don't set "xim" to NULL. Also try
      to find more matches for supported styles. (Sung-Hyun Nam)
      Files: src/multbyte.c

      Patch 5.5.041
      Problem: X11 GUI: CTRL-_ requires the SHIFT key only on some machines.
      Solution: Translate CTRL-- to CTRL-_. (Robert Webb)
      Files: src/gui_x11.c

      Patch 5.5.042
      Problem: X11 GUI: keys with ALT were assumed to be used for the menu, even
      when the menu has been disabled by removing 'm' from 'guioptions'.
      Solution: Ignore keys with ALT only when gui.menu_is_active is set. (Raf)
      Files: src/gui_x11.c

      Patch 5.5.043
      Problem: GTK: Handling of fontset fonts was not right when 'guifontset'
      contains exactly 14 times '-'.
      Solution: Avoid setting fonts when working with a fontset. (Sung-Hyun Nam)
      Files: src/gui_gtk_x11.c

      Patch 5.5.044
      Problem: pltags.pl contains an absolute path "/usr/local/bin/perl". That
      might not work everywhere.
      Solution: Use "/usr/bin/env perl" instead.
      Files: runtime/tools/pltags.pl

      Patch 5.5.045
      Problem: Using "this_session" variable does not work, requires preceding it
      with "v:". Default filename for ":mksession" isn't mentioned
      in the docs. (Fisher)
      Solution: Support using "this_session" to be backwards compatible.
      Files: src/eval.c, runtime/doc/options.txt

      Patch 5.5.046 (extra)
      Problem: VMS: problems with path and filename.
      Solution: Truncate file name at last ';', etc. (Zoltan Arpadffy)
      Files: src/buffer.c, src/fileio.c, src/gui_motif.c, src/os_vms.c,

      Patch 5.5.047
      Problem: VMS: Crash when using the popup menu
      Solution: Turn the #define MENU_MODE_CHARS into an array. (Arpadffy)
      Files: src/structs.h, src/menu.c

      Patch 5.5.048
      Problem: HP-UX 11: Compiling doesn't work, because both string.h and
      strings.h are included. (Squassabia)
      Solution: The configure test for including both string.h and strings.h
      must include <Xm/Xm.h> first, because it causes problems.
      Files: src/configure.in, src/configure, src/config.h.in

      Patch 5.5.049
      Problem: Unix: When installing Vim, the protection bits of files might be
      influenced by the umask.
      Solution: Add $(FILEMOD) to Makefile. (Shetye)
      Files: src/Makefile

      Patch 5.5.050
      Problem: "z+" and "z^" commands are missing.
      Solution: Implemented "z+" and "z^".
      Files: src/normal.c, runtime/doc/scroll.txt, runtime/doc/index.txt

      Patch 5.5.051
      Problem: Several Unix systems have a problem with the optimization limits
      check in configure.
      Solution: Removed the configure check, let the user add it manually in
      Makefile or the enviroment.
      Files: src/configure.in, src/configure, src/Makefile

      Patch 5.5.052
      Problem: Crash when using a cursor key at the ATTENTION prompt. (Alberani)
      Solution: Ignore special keys at the console dialog. Also ignore characters
      > 255 for other uses of tolower() and toupper().
      Files: src/menu.c, src/message.c, src/misc2.c

      Patch 5.5.053
      Problem: Indenting is wrong after a function when 'cino' has "fs". Another
      problem when 'cino' has "{s".
      Solution: Put line after closing "}" of a function at the left margin.
      Apply ind_open_extra in the right way after a '{'.
      Files: src/misc1.c, src/testdir/test3.in, src/testdir/test3.ok

      Patch 5.5.054
      Problem: Unix: ":e #" doesn't work if the alternate file name contains a
      space or backslash. (Hudacek)
      Solution: When replacing "#", "%" or other items that stand for a file name,
      prepend a backslash before special characters.
      Files: src/ex_docmd.c

      Patch 5.5.055
      Problem: Using "<C-V>$r-" in blockwise Visual mode replaces one character
      beyond the end of the line. (Zivkov)
      Solution: Only replace existing characters.
      Files: src/ops.c

      Patch 5.5.056
      Problem: After "z20<CR>" messages were printed at the old command line
      position once. (Veselinovic)
      Solution: Set msg_row and msg_col when changing cmdline_row in
      Files: src/window.c

      Patch 5.5.057
      Problem: After "S<Esc>" it should be possible to restore the line with "U".
      Solution: Don't call u_clearline() in op_delete() when changing only one
      Files: src/ops.c

      Patch 5.5.058
      Problem: Using a long search pattern and then "n" causes the hit-return
      prompt. (Krishna)
      Solution: Truncate the echoed pattern, like other messages. Moved code for
      truncating from msg_attr() to msg_strtrunc().
      Files: src/message.c, src/proto/message.pro, src/search.c

      Patch 5.5.059
      Problem: GTK GUI: When $term is invalid, using "gvim" gives an error
      message, even though $term isn't really used. (Robbins)
      Solution: When the GUI is about to start, skip the error messages for a
      wrong $term.
      Files: src/term.c

      Patch 5.5.060 (extra)
      Problem: Dos 32 bit: When a directory in 'backupdir' doesn't exist, ":w"
      causes the file to be renamed to "axlqwqhy.ba~". (Matzdorf)
      Solution: The code to work around a LFN bug in Windows 95 doesn't handle a
      non-existing target name correctly. When renaming fails, make
      sure the file has its original name. Also do this for the Win32
      version, although it's unlikely that it runs into this problem.
      Files: src/os_msdos.c, src/os_win32.c

      Patch 5.5.061
      Problem: When using "\:" in a modeline, the backslash is included in the
      option value. (Mohsin)
      Solution: Remove one backslash before the ':' in a modeline.
      Files: src/buffer.c, runtime/doc/options.txt

      Patch 5.5.062 (extra)
      Problem: Win32 console: Temp files are created in the root of the current
      drive, which may be read-only. (Peterson)
      Solution: Use the same mechanism of the GUI version: Use $TMP, $TEMP or the
      current directory. Cleaned up vim_tempname() a bit.
      Files: src/fileio.c, src/os_win32.h, runtime/doc/os_dos.txt

      Patch 5.5.063
      Problem: When using whole-line completion in Insert mode, 'cindent' is
      applied, even after changing the indent of the line.
      Solution: Don't reindent the completed line after inserting/removing indent.
      (Robert Webb)
      Files: src/edit.c

      Patch 5.5.064
      Problem: has("sniff") doesn't work correctly.
      Solution: Return 1 when Vim was compiled with the +sniff feature. (Pruemmer)
      Files: src/eval.c

      Patch 5.5.065
      Problem: When dropping a file on Vim, the 'shellslash' option is not
      effective. (Krishna)
      Solution: Fix the slashes in the dropped file names according to
      Files: src/ex_docmd.c, runtime/doc/options.txt

      Patch 5.5.066
      Problem: For systems with backslash in file name: Setting a file name
      option to a value starting with "\\machine" removed a backslash.
      Solution: Keep the double backslash for "\\machine", but do change
      "\\\\machine" to "\\machine" for backwards compatibility.
      Files: src/option.c, runtime/doc/options.txt

      Patch 5.5.067
      Problem: With 'hlsearch' set, the pattern "\>" doesn't highlight the first
      match in a line. (Benji Fisher)
      Solution: Fix highlighting an empty match. Also highlight the first
      character in an empty line for "$".
      Files: src/screen.c

      Patch 5.5.068
      Problem: Crash when a ":while" is used with an argument that has an error.
      (Sylvain Viart)
      Solution: Was using an uninitialized index in the cs_line[] array. The
      crash only happened when the index was far off. Made sure the
      uninitialized index isn't used.
      Files: src/ex_docmd.c

      Patch 5.5.069
      Problem: Shifting lines in blockwise Visual mode didn't set the 'modified'
      Solution: Do set the 'modified' flag.
      Files: src/ops.c

      Patch 5.5.070
      Problem: When editing a new file, creating that file outside of Vim, then
      editing it again, ":w" still warns for overwriting an existing
      file. (Nam)
      Solution: The BF_NEW flag in the "b_flags" field wasn't cleared properly.
      Files: src/buffer.c, src/fileio.c

      Patch 5.5.071
      Problem: Using a matchgroup in a ":syn region", which is the same syntax
      group as the region, didn't stop a contained item from matching in
      the start pattern.
      Solution: Also push an item on the stack when the syntax ID of the
      matchgroup is the same as the syntax ID of the region.
      Files: src/syntax.c

      Patch 5.5.072 (extra)
      Problem: Dos 32 bit: When setting 'columns' to a too large value, Vim may
      crash, and the DOS console too.
      Solution: Check that the value of 'columns' isn't larger than the number of
      columns that the BIOS reports.
      Files: src/os_msdos.c, src/proto/os_msdos.pro, src/option.c

      Patch 5.5.073 (extra)
      Problem: Win 32 GUI: The Find and Find/Replace dialogs didn't show the
      "match case" checkbox. The Find/Replace dialog didn't handle the
      "match whole word" checkbox.
      Solution: Support the "match case" and "match whole word" checkboxes.
      Files: src/gui_w32.c

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