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Vim voting: And the winner is...

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 1998
      Hello all,

      I am very happy to announce that the voting went very well. In total there
      were 392 valid and 11 invalid vote lists. Thank you all for sending in your
      votes! It certainly stimulates me to continue work on Vim.

      NOTE: Don't send votes anymore. I will just throw them away.

      Here are the results, sorted on total number of votes. The first number is
      the total number of votes for the item. The number in brackets is the number
      negative points (total = positive + negative).

      317 (-5) add folding (display only a selected part of the text)
      252 (-10) vertically split windows (side-by-side)
      197 (-3) add configurable auto-indenting for many languages (like 'cindent')
      183 (-5) fix all problems, big and small; make Vim more robust
      155 (-8) add Perl compatible search pattern
      125 (-1) search patterns that cross line boundaries
      125 (-1) improve syntax highlighting speed
      116 improve syntax highlighting functionality
      101 add a menu that lists all buffers
      93 (-6) multiple top-level windows for one running Vim
      93 (-1) improve the overall performance
      90 (-4) be able to edit the command line with Vi commands
      90 (-36) add a shell window (to type and execute shell commands in)
      83 add patterns to define sections/paragraphs for "{", "[[", "%", etc.
      81 improve Visual block mode: more commands that work on blocks
      71 (-13) reduce the size of the executable and the runtime memory use
      70 (-5) improve the on-line help
      68 (-2) improve multi-byte character support
      59 (-8) improve the Visual Studio interface (VisVim)
      59 (-12) make it possible to run Vim inside a window of another program
      58 (-11) add an undo tree (be able to go back to any previous situation)
      58 impvove "gq" formatting of text (left&right justified, 'comments')
      57 (-9) add support for loading a shared library that defines new commands
      54 (-1) add a way to execute a command in multiple buffers/windows
      52 improve the Perl interface
      51 (-10) improve printing from gvim (File.Print menu entry)
      50 (-20) make a "Vim lite" version, which is small and low on features
      47 add a method to repeat a prev. executed change ("c.", "d.", etc.)
      44 (-8) add more features to the internal scripting language
      37 (-2) add better support for editing files in projects (with ID utils)
      37 add a command to repeat a whole mapping (not only its last change)
      33 (-3) add handling for buffer-changed outside of Vim (when reg. focus)
      28 (-14) add persistent undo (undo to before the file was saved/loaded)
      28 improve Insert mode completion
      25 improve command line completion
      23 (-30) be able to run a program in a Vim window, with an interface to it
      22 improve the quickfix commands
      21 (-6) add a special window for editing option values, with short docs
      21 (-1) add mappings and abbreviations local to a buffer
      19 (-4) add file locking
      18 (-1) add a way to disable (error) messages for a moment
      17 (-5) add encryption for loading/storing files and for the swapfile
      10 (-2) improve "gq" formatting of text (left&right justified, 'comments')
      10 (-1) add scope arguments to the ":tag" command (like Elvis)
      10 improve the port for MacOS X Server aka Rhapsody
      10 add Qt interface
      9 (-3) improve the tutor (course for beginners)
      8 (-6) improve the performance of Vim scripts (pre-parse them)
      8 (-3) improve 'viminfo' (keeping information when quitting Vim)
      8 (-1) add a stack for saving/restoring options
      8 improve the port for OS/2
      7 (-2) add more autocommand events (for ":cd", start Insert mode, etc.)
      6 (-4) improve the TCL interface
      6 (-4) add option to move the cursor where there is no text in Visual mode
      5 improve the port for MacOS
      4 (-8) add POSIX compatible search patterns
      4 (-5) add option not to move the cursor when using a scrollbar
      4 improve the port for GTK
      4 add Diff, Merge capability with CVS like in emacs.
      3 (-2) improve the Cscope interface
      3 (-14) add option to move the cursor where there is no text in any mode
      3 improve the port for X Window (use GTK, or Athena)
      2 add support for Borland Delphi (to replace borland's def. editor)
      2 add on-the-fly paragraph formatting / word wraps
      1 improve the port for "EPOC 32"
      1 add GUI to record/stop/play a keystroke macro
      0 (-2) improve ":mksession" support (switch to a previously saved state)
      -1 (-1) improve the port for * (fill in a system name at the *. E.g. VMS")
      -4 (-77) add more GUI functions (requesters, menus, dialogs)
      -10 (-17) improve compatibility of the Ex mode
      -10 (-15) improve the OLE interface
      -10 (-14) add "open" mode, like the original Vi
      -12 (-89) add on-the-fly spell checking
      -13 (-32) improve Vi compatibility
      -13 (-24) reduce the size of the distribution (harddisk usage)
      -25 (-38) add a lot of small features, instead of a few big ones
      -47 (-53) improve the 16 bit DOS version (avoid out-of-memory problems)
      -81 (-123) improve gvim to fit in the MS-Windows look&feel (with an option)
      -110 (-136) stop changing Vim, it's fine as it is
      -117 (-122) remove functionality, there is too much of it

      Vim versions used:
      1.15 1 (on the Amiga)
      2.0 1
      3.0 16
      3.2 1
      4.x 4
      4.0 3
      4.2 7
      4.5 15
      4.6 34
      5.x 7
      5.0 91
      5.1 151
      5.2 73
      5.3 616
      5.4a 18

      Operating systems mentioned:
      Unix 655 Linux 227 Debian 23
      RedHat 36
      Various 168
      Solaris/SunOS 196
      HP-UX 77
      Irix 58
      AIX 46
      Digital/OSF 31
      FreeBSD 20
      Various 28
      Windows 303 Windows NT 152
      Windows 95 109
      Windows 98 23
      Windows 3.1 6
      Windows various 13
      MS-DOS 35
      OS/2 8
      Amiga 7
      Macintosh 6
      RISC/os 4
      VMS 3
      LynxOX 3
      QNX 1

      A few remarks:
      - Only Vim users responded. This means that opinions of people who don't use
      Vim yet, perhaps because something is missing or not working well, are not
      included here. When deciding what to do next, items for first-time Vim
      users may be given a higher priority than what the votes indicate.
      - The explanation was a bit unclear about the maximum number of points. A few
      people used 15 positive and 5 negative points (total 10 points). Since
      these were only a few, I let them slip through.
      - One person was caught sending in six vote lists from different addresses.
      All his votes were discarded (he admitted he was doing a bad thing and
      apologized). A few obviously doubled messages were removed. If others sent
      in more than one list, they got away with it :-).
      - Some people can't count till ten. I allowed them to send in a new list.
      - One person mentioned using Vim on 40 different platforms!

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      cow or goose hitting them still. The KNIGHTS crouch down under cover.
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