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Vote for changes to Vim

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 1998
      Hello all.

      This is your chance to express your opinion about what changes should be made
      to Vim. So far the Vim developments have been decided ad hoc, with only a few
      people influencing the next step to be made. This time everybody can join in
      and vote for the preferred changes.

      Here are the rules:

      Each person is allowed to send in ONE list. In the list you can give 10
      points to a number of items. You can give all 10 points to one item, one
      point to 10 items, whatever. As long as the total is 10 points. You can
      also give up to 5 negative points, to items that you don't want to be
      included. If you send in a list with more than 10 points or more than 5
      negative points, it will be ignored.

      Example of a valid list:

      4 improve aaaa (you really want this)
      2 improve bbbb
      2 improve cccc
      1 add dddd (would be nice to have)
      1 add eeee
      -2 improve ffff
      -3 add gggg (you certainly don't want this)

      To make it a bit more easy to count the votes, you have to pick the items from
      the list below. Give more points to the items that you want most in the next
      version. Give negative points to the items that you don't want.

      What do you need to do?

      - Change the zero in the first column to the number of points you want to give
      to the item.
      - Remove all items that have zero points and other superfluous text.
      - Check that the total number of points is 10.
      - Check that there are no more than 5 negative points.
      - Please answer the two questions at the end.
      - Send your list to <Bram@...>.

      IMPORTANT: The closing date is Thursday November 26 1998. Any votes received
      after this date will be completely ignored.

      The totals will be posted in comp.editors and the vim-announce mailing list.
      Your name and address will not be used for anything. The final decision about
      which changes will be implemented also depends on other things (e.g. the time
      it takes to implement them). There is no guarantee that the item with most
      votes will be implemented first.

      Improvements to existing functionality:
      0 fix all problems, big and small; make Vim more robust
      0 improve the overall performance
      0 improve the performance of Vim scripts (pre-parse them)
      0 improve syntax highlighting speed
      0 reduce the size of the executable and the runtime memory use
      0 reduce the size of the distribution (harddisk usage)
      0 improve the on-line help
      0 improve Vi compatibility
      0 improve compatibility of the Ex mode
      0 improve the tutor (course for beginners)
      0 improve the Perl interface
      0 improve the TCL interface
      0 improve the Cscope interface
      0 improve the Visual Studio interface (VisVim)
      0 improve the OLE interface
      0 improve the 16 bit DOS version (avoid out-of-memory problems)
      0 improve gvim to fit in the MS-Windows look&feel (with an option)
      0 improve printing from gvim (File.Print menu entry)
      0 improve the port for * (fill in a system name at the *. E.g. "VMS")
      0 improve multi-byte character support
      0 improve syntax highlighting functionality
      0 improve command line completion
      0 improve Insert mode completion
      0 improve Visual block mode: more commands that work on blocks
      0 improve the quickfix commands
      0 improve 'viminfo' (keeping information when quitting Vim)
      0 improve ":mksession" support (switch to a previously saved state)
      0 impvove "gq" formatting of text (left&right justified, 'comments')

      New functionality:
      0 add a lot of small features, instead of a few big ones
      0 add support for loading a shared library that defines new commands
      0 add "open" mode, like the original Vi
      0 add more GUI functions (requesters, menus, dialogs)
      0 add configurable auto-indenting for many languages (like 'cindent')
      0 add patterns to define sections/paragraphs for "{", "[[", "%", etc.
      0 add more features to the internal scripting language
      0 vertically split windows (side-by-side)
      0 multiple top-level windows for one running Vim
      0 make it possible to run Vim inside a window of another program
      0 add a shell window (to type and execute shell commands in)
      0 be able to run a program in a Vim window, with an interface to it
      0 be able to edit the command line with Vi commands
      0 search patterns that cross line boundaries
      0 add Perl compatible search patterns
      0 add POSIX compatible search patterns
      0 add a menu that lists all buffers
      0 add scope arguments to the ":tag" command (like Elvis)
      0 add folding (display only a selected part of the text)
      0 add better support for editing files in projects (with ID utilities)
      0 add handling for buffer-changed outside of Vim (when regaining focus)
      0 add file locking
      0 add a stack for saving/restoring options
      0 add a special window for editing option values, with short docs
      0 add more autocommand events (for ":cd", start Insert mode, etc.)
      0 add on-the-fly spell checking
      0 add an undo tree (be able to go back to any previous situation)
      0 add persistent undo (undo to before the file was saved/loaded)
      0 add a method to repeat a previously executed change ("c.", "d.", etc.)
      0 add a command to repeat a whole mapping (not only its last change)
      0 add option not to move the cursor when using a scrollbar
      0 add option to move the cursor where there is no text in Visual mode
      0 add option to move the cursor where there is no text in any mode
      0 add mappings and abbreviations local to a buffer
      0 add encryption for loading/storing files and for the swapfile
      0 add a way to execute a command in multiple buffers/windows
      0 add a way to disable (error) messages for a moment

      The other way:
      0 stop changing Vim, it's fine as it is
      0 remove functionality, there is too much of it
      0 make a "Vim lite" version, which is small and low on features

      To gather a few statistics, please mention which version of Vim you are
      currently using and on which system. If you are using Vim on several systems,
      please mention all.

      Vim version number: on operating system:
      Vim version number: on operating system:
      Vim version number: on operating system:

      Thanks for your help. Your vote counts!

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      BROTHER MAYNARD: "The Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh..."
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