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Vim version 5.2k BETA available

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 1998
      Hello Vim fans!

      Here is another BETA release of 5.2, hopefully the last one. There are mostly
      bug fixes.

      See below for the complete list of changes.

      Release 5.2 is planned for next week.
      Please test version 5.2k as much as possible!

      The files are in the "unreleased" directory.


      You can find Vim 5.2k here:


      See this file for Mirrors:


      unix/vim-5.2k-src.tar.gz source files for Unix
      unix/vim-5.2j-5.2k-src.diff.gz diff with version 5.2j
      unix/vim-5.2k-rt.tar.gz runtime files for Unix
      unix/vim-5.2j-5.2k-rt.diff.gz diff with version 5.2j

      extra/vim-5.2k-extra.tar.gz extra files
      extra/vim-5.2j-5.2k-extra.diff.gz diff with version 5.2j

      pc/vim52krt.zip runtime files for PC
      pc/vim52kd16.zip 16 bit DOS binaries for PC
      pc/vim52kd32.zip 32 bit DOS binaries for PC
      pc/vim52kw32.zip Win32 binaries for PC
      pc/gvim52k.zip Win32 GUI binaries for PC
      pc/gvim52kole.zip Win32 GUI binaries with OLE for PC
      pc/gvim52k_s.zip Windows 3.1 GUI binaries for PC
      pc/vim52ksrc.zip source files for PC

      amiga/vim52krt.tgz runtime files for Amiga
      amiga/vim52kbin.tgz binaries for Amiga
      amiga/vim52kbig.tgz binaries with more features for Amiga
      amiga/vim52ksrc.tgz source files for Amiga

      os2/vim52kos2.zip binaries + runtime files for OS/2


      This is the complete list of changes since version 5.2j. For a list of
      changes since version 5.1, see ":help version-5.2".


      Menus in $VIM/menu.vim no longer overrule existing menus. This helps when
      defining menus in the .vimrc file, or when sourcing mswin.vim.

      Removed the intro-advert. Nobody volunteered to help the orphans in Uganda
      this way.


      Win32 GUI: When Vim can't find the "vimrun.exe", a messagebox is shown to make
      the user aware of this problem. (Negri)

      In a pattern for an autocommand, environment variables can be used. They are
      expanded when the autocommand is defined.

      Cscope interface: Allow the use of environment variables in the 'csprg' option
      and for the ":cs add" command. (Kahn)

      Included Exuberant ctags 2.2.6. (Hiebert)

      When using the TCL interface on SunOS, add a -R argument for the linker, so
      that the library is found at runtime.

      Increased number of remembered jumps from 30 to 50 per window.

      Command to temporarily disable 'hls' highlighting until the next search:


      The lines in Makefile for using the Athena 3D widgets were wrong. (Kahlert)

      Win32 GUI: When using a shifted key with ALT, the shift modifier would remain
      set, even when it was already used by changing the used key. E.g., "<M-S-9>"
      resulted in "<M-S-(>", but it should be "<M-(>". (Negri)

      Win32 GUI: When adding a submenu with a dot in it, the tearoff would be added
      to the wrong submenu.
      Win32 GUI: When adding tear-off items afterwards ('t' flag in 'guioptions'),
      the tearoff would get a wrong priority, and got added somewhere at the end of
      each menu.

      A call to ga_init() was often followed by seting growsize and itemsize.
      Created ga_init2() for this, which looks better. (Aaron)

      Win32 GUI: Purify detected a write outside of an array from the
      FindExecutableA() function on Windows NT. Use FindExecutableW() to avoid
      this. But that is not available on Windows 95, so use the 'A' version there.

      Function filereadable() could call fopen() with an empty string, which might
      be illegal.

      Win32 GUI: An input() function in a _vimrc file caused a crash or a hang.
      Don't wait for a character when the GUI has not started yet.

      "vim -c "echo input('what')"" didn't show the prompt.

      X Windows GUI: When executing an external command that outputs text, could
      write one character beyond the end of a buffer, which caused a crash. (Kohan)

      Included new RISC OS files. (Leonard)

      When using "*" or "#" on a string that includes '/' or '?' (when these are
      included in 'isk'), they were not escaped. (Parmelan)

      ":mksession" tried to restore a window with an unnamed buffer, which caused an

      When setting 'winaltkeys' in the Motif GUI version, but before starting the
      GUI, Vim crashed.

      When adding a ToolBar menu in the Motif GUI, the submenu_id field was not
      cleared, causing random problems.

      Removed PopUp menu from Motif, it was only causing problems.

      Motif file selector would not work if the first menu was not a menubar menu.
      The Motif file selector would appear at the top-left of the screen. Now it's
      in the middle of the Vim window.

      "aunmenu PopUp.xxx" could result in spurious "no menu of that name" or other
      error messages.

      When adding a menu, the check if this menu (or submenu) name already exists
      didn't compare with the simplified version (no mnemonic or accelerator) of the
      new menu. Could get two menus with the same name, e.g., "File" and "&File".

      "^Vj$y" yanked three lines instead of two. Also for other Visual block mode
      operators that include the end of line.

      Breaking a line because of 'textwidth' at the last line in the window caused a
      redraw of the whole window instead of a scroll. Speeds up normal typing with
      'textwidth' a lot for slow terminals.

      An invalid line number produced an "invalid range" error, even when it wasn't
      to be executed (inside "if 0").

      Athena GUI: The arrows of the scrollbar didn't work for larger files, they
      stopped working after two clicks in the same direction.

      When the unnamed, first buffer is re-used, the "BufDelete" autocommand was
      not called. It would stick in a buffer list menu.

      When doing "%" on the NUL after the line, a "{" or "}" in the last character
      of the line was not found.

      The Insert mode menu was not used for the "s" command, the Operator-pending
      menu was used instead.

      Adding or deleting a function while executing a function caused problems.
      Changed the array with user functions into a linked list.

      When listing functions, a TAB was shown as ^I. Now uses the right amount of
      spaces, and uses 'list'.

      With 'compatible' set, some syntax highlighting was not correct, because of
      using "[\t]" for a search pattern. Now use the regexps for syntax
      highlighting like the 'cpoptions' option is empty (as was documented already).

      When using "map <M-Space> ms" or "map <Space> sss" the output of ":map" didn't
      show any lhs for the mapping (if 'isprint' includes 160). Now always use
      <Space> and <M-Space>, even when they are printable.

      Adjusted the Syntax menu, so that the lowest entry fits on a small screen (for
      Athena, where menus don't wrap).

      Colors of Athena file selector were not set. Now it uses the same colors as
      for the menu.

      Copying of vimrun.exe was missing from install.exe.

      Happy Vimming!

      So when I saw the post to comp.editors, I rushed over to the FTP site to
      grab it. So I yank apart the tarball, light x candles, where x= the
      vim version multiplied by the md5sum of the source divided by the MAC of
      my NIC (8A3FA78155A8A1D346C3C4A), put on black robes, dim the lights,
      wave a dead chicken over the hard drive, and summon the power of GNU GCC
      with the magic words "make config ; make!".
      [Jason Spence, compiling Vim 5.0]

      --/-/------ Bram Moolenaar ----- mool@... ------ Bram@... -----\-\--
      \ \ www.vim.org/iccf www.oce.com www.vim.org / /
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