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Vim version 5.1 RELEASED

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 1998
      Hello Vim users!

      Vim version 5.1 is available. It is a bug-fix release. Only a few new
      features have been added since version 5.0. See ":help version-5.1" for the
      full list of changes since version 5.0. Below is a list of changes since the
      last beta release, 5.1b.

      New is the Windows 3.1/3.11 GUI version. It has not been tested much yet.
      The BeOS version now also works on Intel machines, after Olaf had been covered
      in rotten fruits... :-)

      Unfortunately the Unix archive was getting too big. I moved the files
      "doc/vim.man", "doc/xxd.man" and "marcros/file_select.vim" to the extra
      archive. For version 5.2 a reorganization will be needed...

      This is going the be the "stable" version for a while. Version 5.2 is planned
      to include new features. I already have a list of patches waiting!


      You can find Vim 5.1 here:


      Or use one of the mirrors (updated within in a couple of days), see:


      unix/vim-5.1.tar.gz Source files for Unix
      beta-test/unix/vim-5.1b-5.1.diff.gz Idem, diff with version 5.1b
      extra/vime-5.1.tar.gz Extra files for Unix and others
      beta-test/extra/vime-5.1b-5.1.tar.gz Idem, diff with version 5.1b

      pc/vim51src.zip Sources packed for DOS
      pc/vim51d16.zip binary+docs 16 bit DOS
      pc/vim51d32.zip binary+docs 32 bit DOS
      pc/vim51w32.zip binary+docs 32 bit Windows NT/95
      pc/gvim51.zip GUI binary+docs Windows NT/95
      pc/gvim51ole.zip GUI exe for Windows NT/95 GUI with OLE
      pc/gvim51_s.zip GUI exe for Windows 3.1/3.11

      amiga/vim51src.tgz sources packed for Amiga
      amiga/vim51bin.tgz binary+docs for Amiga
      amiga/vim51big.tgz binary for Amiga with more features

      os2/vim51os2.zip binary+docs for OS/2

      html/vim51html.zip documentation in HTML format

      farsi/farsi51.zip Farsi files

      Note that the source archives don't have all the files. This was done to
      reduce their size. If you want to get all the source files, get both the Unix
      and the extra archive.

      Hopefully the binary versions for BeOS, Macintosh and Atari Mint will be
      available soon.


      Changed since version 5.1b:

      Perl interface: Buffers() and Windows() now use more logical arguments, like
      they are used in the rest of Vim (Moore).

      Init '" mark to the first character of the first line. Makes it possible to
      use '" in an autocommand without getting an error message.

      Added since version 5.1b:

      patch 5.1b.11: Added winheight() function.

      Added "VimEnter" autocommand. Executed after loading all the startup stuff.

      BeOS version now also runs on Intel CPUs (Seibert).

      Fixed since version 5.1b:

      Added a few {} to avoid "suggest braces around" warnings from gcc 2.8.x.
      Changed return type of main() from void to int. (Nam)

      patch 5.1b.1: When Visually selecting text in one window and clicking on the
      status bar of another window, could get "ml_get" errors.

      patch 5.1b.2: Using '~' twice in a substitute pattern caused a crash.

      patch 5.1b.3: "syn on" and ":syn off" could scroll the window, if there is a
      hidden buffer that is shorter that the current cursor position.

      patch 5.1b.4: The Perl functions didn't set the 'modified' flag.

      patch 5.1b.5: ":if 0 | if 1 | endif | endif" didn't work. Same for ":while"
      and "elseif".

      patch 5.1b.6: With two windows on modified files, with 'autowrite' set, cursor
      in second window, ":qa" gave a warning for the file in the first window, but
      then auto-wrote the file in the second window. (Webb)

      patch 5.1b.7: Visually selecting text, using the mouse, then clicking
      somewhere else and pasting, didn't paste the right text.

      patch 5.1b.8: Win32 GUI scrollbar could only handle 32767 lines. (Robinson)
      Also makes the intellimouse wheel use the configurable number of scrolls.

      patch 5.1b.9: With "set mouse=nvchr" (xterm-like selection in Insert mode), it
      was no longer possible to past selected text in Insert mode.

      patch 5.1b.10: When using 'patchmode', and the backup file is on another
      partition, the file copying messed up the write-file message.

      patch 5.1b.12: GUI X11: Alt-Backspace and Alt-Delete didn't work.

      patch 5.1b.13: "Vaw" now switches Visual mode back to characterwise, as it was
      in 5.1a. You could not see what "aw" was selecting. You can still hit the
      "V" key to make it linewise again.

      Windows() function in if_perl.xs wasn't working (Moore).

      Win32s GUI: Default for 'shortname' was reset with ":set all&".

      Win32s GUI: When filtering text, Vim didn't wait for the shell to finish.
      Worked around this with a wait_return() call. (Negri)

      Used struct initialization in do_autoall(), not all compilers understand that.

      "`0" could put the cursor after the last character in the line, causing
      trouble for other commands, like "i".

      When completing tags in insert mode with ^X^], some matches were skipped,
      because the compare with other tags was wrong. E.g., when "mnuFileSave" was
      already there, "mnuFile" would be skipped. (Negri)

      Formatting with "gq" didn't format the first line after a change of comment

      When scrolling up/down, a syntax item with "keepend" didn't work properly.
      Now the flags are also stored for the syntax state a the start of each line.

      When 'ic' was changed while 'hlsearch' is on, there was no redraw to show the

      Win32 GUI: Don't display "No write since last chance" in a message box, but in
      the Vim window.

      Happy Vimming!

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