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Vim version 5.0 RELEASED

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 1998
      Hello Vim users!

      After more than a year of beta versions, bug fixing, inventions and stupid
      mistakes: This is the real thing.

      There are a small number of changes since version 5.0x. I tried testing them
      as well as I can, I don't expect any problems.


      You can find Vim 5.0 here:


      Or use one of the mirrors (updated within in a couple of days), see:


      unix/vim-5.0.tar.gz Source files for Unix
      beta-test/unix/vim-5.0x-5.0.diff.gz Idem, diff with version 5.0x
      extra/vime-5.0.tar.gz Extra files for Unix and others
      beta-test/extra/vime-5.0x-5.0.tar.gz Idem, diff with version 5.0x

      pc/vim50src.zip Sources packed for DOS
      pc/vim50d16.zip binary+docs 16 bit DOS
      pc/vim50d32.zip binary+docs 32 bit DOS
      pc/vim50w32.zip binary+docs 32 bit Windows NT/95
      pc/gvim50.zip binary+docs Windows NT/95 GUI
      pc/gvim50ole.zip exe for Windows NT/95 GUI with OLE

      amiga/vim50src.tgz sources packed for Amiga
      amiga/vim50bin.tgz binary+docs for Amiga
      amiga/vim50big.tgz binary for Amiga with more features

      os2/vim50os2.zip binary+docs for OS/2

      Note that the source archives don't have all the files. This was done to
      reduce their size. If you want to get all the source files, get both the Unix
      and the extra archive.

      Hopefully the binary versions for BeOS, Macintosh and Atari Mint will be
      available soon.



      - Removed: CTRL-B in Insert mode for toggling 'revins', to avoid that
      people accidently enter revins mode when missing CTRL-V or CTRL-N. A
      mapping can be used instead.


      - Included newer version of VisVim (Erhardt).

      - Included Exuberant ctags version 2.0 (Hiebert).


      - get_env_value() is a system function in Linux. Changed to get_env_string().

      - Problem with configuring Python on some systems, caused by "Entering
      directory" message from make.

      - Because of a typo in os_dos.h, "$VIM\\_exrc" was never used.

      - ":pop!" didn't work.

      - When the reading of a buffer was interrupted, ":w" should not be able to
      overwrite the file, ":w!" is required.

      - ":cf%" caused a crash.

      - Win32 GUI: Default mapping for <S-Insert> in Insert mode was wrong.

      - Lesstif (Motif) GUI gave an error message on exit (No Ext node to pop).

      - MSDOS and Win32 versions sent t_op on exit, but they already have another
      way to restore the screen colors. Could see "<[0m".

      - Spurious "Undefined variable: foo" message, for ":w" with autocommand that
      has an ":exe foo" in an ":if" that isn't executed.

      - When doing ":ta foo" twice, CTRL-T would work only once.

      - When selecting a match from ":tselect", only the current window would be

      - cindent was wrong after "else {".

      - ":gui longfilename", when forking is enabled, could leave part of the
      longfilename at the shell prompt.

      - GUI Win32: Cursor positioning bug in Visual mode, when 'guioptions' contains
      the 'a' flag, after using "$".

      - Removed: "os_w32exe.*" from Makefile.w32. Wasn't used.

      Happy Vimming!

      The software said it requires Windows 3.1 or better, so I installed Linux.

      --/-/------ Bram Moolenaar ----- mool@... ------ Bram@... -----\-\--
      \ \ www.vim.org/iccf www.oce.com www.vim.org / /
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