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Vim version 5.0x BETA sources are available

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 1998
      Hello Vim users!

      This is a source-only BETA version. I didn't have time to compile the
      executables. There are only a small number of changes, but I wanted to
      distribute this for a last check.

      Please verify that my last-minute changes didn't screw up anything. This is
      your last chance to help making sure that the 5.0 release will be rock stable!
      Especially the tags code deserves extra attention. Try out the ":tselect",
      ":pop", ":tag", etc. commands.

      If nothing gets in the way, 5.0 will be released later this week.

      I'm still taking compilation notes for Unix systems. Look in src/Makefile for
      the format of the line.


      You can find Vim 5.0x in the usual place:


      Or use one of the mirrors (updated within in a couple of days), see:


      unix/vim-5.0x.tar.gz Source files for Unix
      unix/vim-5.0w-5.0x.diff.gz Idem, diff with version 5.0w
      extra/vime-5.0x.tar.gz Extra files for Unix and others
      extra/vime-5.0w-5.0x.tar.gz Idem, diff with version 5.0w

      Note that the source archives don't have all the files. This was done to
      reduce their size. If you want to get all the source files, get both the Unix
      and the extra archive.



      - Changed behaviour of "tag ident" and CTRL-] back to how it was in Vim 4.6:
      Jump to first matching tag. But ":tag" and ":pop" now jump to the same
      match in the matchlist.

      - Added match number to ":tags" output.

      - Moved VisVim DLL and README to archive with OLE binary.

      - Updated ctags to version 1.7.8. (Hiebert)


      - delete() function: delete a file.

      - "User" autocommand event.

      - ":stselect": split window and ":tselect".


      - Dead characters on Win32 GUI still caused problems with some keys.

      - Default for 'endofline' was off, should be on.

      - In syntax commands, "nextgroup_xx" and "contains_xx" were flagged as an

      - When 'modified' was set by a BufRead* autocommand, it was reset again
      afterwards. Now the ":set modified" is remembered.

      - Win32 GUI: Scrolling the window, making parts visible that were not visible
      previously, were not redrawn properly.

      - Would get a wait-return prompt after ":tselect".

      - ":tselect" didn't remove /^ and $/ when extra fields are missing.

      - At the more-prompt for the ":tselect" command, was not able to quit the
      listing and type a number.

      - Avoided a space at end of ":tselect" output.

      - Win32 console: save/restore screen didn't work anymore.

      - Win32 GUI: When menu disabled, ":set columns=88" increased 'lines' with one.

      - With showbreak set, only its first character was highlighted with "NonText",
      when there is other highlighting in the line.

      - "vjap", almost at the end of the file, could cause a hangup, with "ml_get"

      Happy Vimming!

      (letter from Mark to Mike, about the film's probale certificate)
      For an 'A' we would have to: Lose as may shits as possible Take Jesus
      Christ out, if possible Loose "I fart in your general direction" Lose
      "the oral sex" Lose "oh, fuck off" Lose "We make castanets out of your
      "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" PYTHON (MONTY) PICTURES LTD

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      \ \ www.vim.org/iccf www.oce.com www.vim.org / /
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