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Vim version 5.0w BETA is available

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 1998
      Hello Vim users!

      This is the fifth BETA version. No big changes this time.

      With a little bit of luck it will be the *last* BETA version. This mostly
      depends on whether the last changes to the tags file format will be generally
      accepted. And if serious problems are discovered. If nothing gets in the
      way, 5.0 will be released in one or two weeks.

      I'm still taking compilation notes for Unix systems. Look in src/Makefile for
      the format of the line.


      You can find Vim 5.0w in the usual place:


      Or use one of the mirrors (updated within in a couple of days), see:


      unix/vim-5.0w.tar.gz Source files for Unix
      unix/vim-50v-50w.diff.gz Idem, diff with version 5.0v
      extra/vime-5.0w.tar.gz Extra files for Unix and others

      pc/vim50wsrc.zip Sources packed for DOS
      pc/vim50wd16.zip binary+docs 16 bit DOS
      pc/vim50wd32.zip binary+docs 32 bit DOS
      pc/vim50ww32.zip binary+docs 32 bit Windows NT/95
      pc/gvim50w.zip binary+docs Windows NT/95 GUI
      pc/gvim50wole.zip exe for Windows NT/95 GUI with OLE

      amiga/vim50wsrc.tgz sources packed for Amiga
      amiga/vim50wbin.tgz binary+docs for Amiga
      amiga/vim50wbig.tgz binary for Amiga with more features

      os2/vim50wos2.zip binary+docs for OS/2

      Note that the source archives don't have all the files. This was done to
      reduce their size. If you want to get all the source files, get both the Unix
      and the extra archive.



      - Changed <Esc> back to "!_" for informative tag lines. Skip lines before
      "!_TAG_" in tags file, in case a tag sorts to before them (e.g., "!!").

      - Changed "type:" field in tags to "kind:". Type already has a meaning in
      C programs. "kind of tag" is more generic and not confusing.

      - Included all doc files in all distributions. Avoids that tags don't go


      - Added 'W' flag to 'cpoptions': Let ":w!" behave like Vi: don't overwrite
      readonly files, or a file owned by someone else.

      - Added highlighting to output of ":tselect".

      - Give a tag with a global match in the current file a higher priority than a
      global match in another file.

      - Added "+extra_search" feature to disable 'hlsearch' and 'incsearch'.


      - A number of minor errors. See src/version.c.

      - ":set ro" didn't redraw the status line to show the [RO]. Also other status
      line redrawing problems.

      - Win32 GUI: ":umenu Hello" didn't remove the top-level menu.

      - putenv() in pty.c needs to use "const char *" for Linux.

      - Crash for ":he <C-A>" (command line longer than screen).

      - ":s/this/that/gc", type "y" two times, then undo, did reset the modified
      option, even though the file is still modified.

      - Win32 GUI dead key problem (Vyskovsky).

      - ":amenu" didn't work when in insert/Visual mode: "i^Ov". Added CTRL-C
      command in normal/Visual mode: like ESC, but don't restart Insert mode.

      - Empty lines in a tags file caused a ":tag" to be aborted.

      - For a tagaddress like "/pat1/;/pat2/" the extra fields were not found.

      - Setting ":hi Normal ctermbg=darkblue" caused the color to stick after
      exiting Vim. Now reset the color when exiting Vim, with the "op" termcap
      entry. Added the 't_op' option.

      - When sourcing commands from "$VIM/_vimrc", <sfile> would be set to that
      name, and "<sfile>:p" would be "<current-dir>$VIM/_vimrc". Now expand the
      path, so that "<sfile>" is the actually used path name.

      Happy Vimming!

      There are 2 kinds of people in my world: those who know Unix, Perl, Vim, GNU,
      Linux, etc, and those who know COBOL. It gets very difficult for me at
      parties, not knowing which group to socialise with :-)
      Sitaram Chamarty

      --/-/------ Bram Moolenaar ----- mool@... ------ Bram@... -----\-\--
      \ \ www.vim.org/iccf www.oce.com www.vim.org / /
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