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Vim version 5.0v BETA is available

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30 12:16 AM
      Hello Vim users!

      In case you didn't notice, version 5.0v is available. Here is the

      [Actually, I'm just trying to see if I can post to vim-announce now. ]

      This is the fourth BETA version. Quite a few bugs have been fixed again.

      New in this version is the Macintosh port! I dared to include it, since it
      should not interfere with other versions. It probably doesn't work out of the
      box, consider it an alpha version. Thanks to Dany St-Amant for doing the Mac
      port of Vim 5.0. Please report any Mac-specific problems to him.

      Since the number of changes since 5.0u is quite big, this version needs more
      testing before I dare to release it. I'll allow two weeks for testing, then
      I'll decide if we need another BETA version.

      For OS/2, Win32 and DJGPP the difference in size between the "normal" and
      "big" version was too small to justify an extra distribution file, so there is
      only a "big" executable. On the Amiga memory can be scarse, so there are two
      Amiga executables. The 16 bit DOS version only comes in "small", with many
      features disabled.

      I'll be taking compilation notes for Unix systems. Look in src/Makefile for
      the format of the line.


      You can find Vim 5.0v in the usual place:


      Or use one of the mirrors (updated within in a couple of days):


      unix/vim-5.0v.tar.gz Source files for Unix
      unix/vim-50u-50v.diff.gz Idem, diff with version 5.0u
      extra/vime-5.0v.tar.gz Extra files for Unix and others

      pc/vim50vsrc.zip Sources packed for DOS
      pc/vim50vd16.zip binary+docs 16 bit DOS
      pc/vim50vd32.zip binary+docs 32 bit DOS
      pc/vim50vw32.zip binary+docs 32 bit Windows NT/95
      pc/gvim50v.zip binary+docs Windows NT/95 GUI
      pc/gvim50vole.zip exe for Windows NT/95 GUI with OLE

      amiga/vim50vsrc.tgz sources packed for Amiga
      amiga/vim50vbin.tgz binary+docs for Amiga
      amiga/vim50vbig.tgz exe for Amiga with more features

      os2/vim50vos2.zip binary+docs for OS/2

      Note that the source archives don't have all the files. This was done to
      reduce their size. If you want to get all the source files, get both the Unix
      and the extra archive.

      RELEASE NOTES (including the 5.0u+ ones)


      When skipping a matching tag, because the file doesn't exist, give a message.

      Added ">" in output of ":tselect", to show current position in list of
      matching tags. This position is kept if <CR> is hit.

      When using a wrong command line option, got so many lines of usage that the
      error message can't be read. Now only give the error message, and use "-h" to
      print the usage.

      Changed compiled-in features for executables: Win32, DJGPP and OS/2 use
      MAX_FEAT, Amiga is available with MIN_FEAT and MAX_FEAT.


      Included the first Macintosh port patches (Dany St-Amant).

      Included patches for Win32 to compile with Cygnus gcc. Uses Makefile.cyg.

      Added VIM::Eval() function to Perl interface (Nalumasu).

      Visual selecting all chars in more than one line, then hit "x" didn't leave an
      empty line. For one line it did leave an empty line.

      Added 'I' flag to 'shortmess' to avoid the intro message.


      A whole bunch of bug fixes. See src/version.c. The most important ones:

      ":echo *" caused a crash. ":echo $?" caused a hangup.

      Didn't find (all) tags when 'tagbsearch' reset. Also when tags file wasn't

      Win32 GUI didn't return focus to other window properly. (Lunz)

      Emacs tags didn't work at all.

      ":highlight" didn't accept color names with spaces. Allow the color to be put
      in single quotes.

      Finally: When the window is bigger than the screen, the scrolling up of
      messages was wrong (e.g. ":vers", ":hi"). Also when the bottom part of the
      window was obscured by another window.

      ":version" and has() did not include all features.

      Gvim_vc.mak could not be read into visual studio anymore.

      vim_strnsave() could copy characters from beyond allocated memory!

      When ":set nomod" used, buffer could still be considered change, because of
      changed 'fileformat'.

      Compilation error for Linux in check_mtime(). (Mitterand)

      ":help s" jumped to "S". Matching case for help tags wasn't used for sorting

      The "tag 1 of >1" message was given, which isn't very useful and causes a
      hit-return prompt. Removed the message.

      "Vap" and "Vip" on last line of file, which is empty, caused an endless number
      of ml_get() errors.

      ":let &option = .." didn't take care of side effects for string options.
      set_string_option() passed a wrong argument to did_set_string_option(). Fixed
      that 'titlestring' was not used correctly.

      Crash for "gvim -reverse", because effect of setting 'background' option now

      "make test" didn't work on Dos and Amiga.

      test32 depended on "Makefile.amiga" to be present.

      Happy Vimming!

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      BEDEVERE: Nu!
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      BEDEVERE: Ni, ni, ni!
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