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Vim version 5.0m is available

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 1997
      Hello all!

      In case you didn't notice, version 5.0m is available.
      It's in the usual place. See version.c for a list of changes.

      [Actually, I'm just trying to see if I can post to vim-announce now. I've had
      lots of problems since the list has moved. Felix changed something, let's try
      if it works. I don't have the original announcement at hand, therefore a
      short one will have to do.]

      I have to say that VIM is *THE* single greatest piece of source code to ever
      come across the net (Jim Battle, USA).

      --/-/-------------- Bram Moolenaar ---- mool@... -------------------\-\--
      \ \ VIM home page: <URL:http://www.math.fu-berlin.de/~guckes/vim/> / /
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