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Vim version 4.6a BETA is available

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 12, 1997
      Hello all!

      It's been four months since 4.5 was released. Since then a lot of little
      things have changed. Mostly bug fixes. This will require some beta testing.
      It's already quite stable, I'm using it myself all the time.

      I have started to use an extra letter to the version number for BETA versions.
      It is now easy to see the difference between a released version and a BETA
      version. Many other packages are using this scheme. If version 4.6a needs
      fixes that require more testing, I'll make version 4.6b. Once the beta
      testing has finished, it will be version 4.6.

      This also means that the first test version of 5.0 will be called 5.0a.
      Here's a short list of things that it will include:
      - Syntax highlighting, configurable to many languages (not just C-like).
      - Ex mode. "Q", ":append", etc. have been added. Still needs more work.
      - Expression evaluation. ":if expr" and ":let var = expr" commands added.
      - Performance and screen optimizations. The "life" macros now run faster than
      in Nvi! Highlighting on hpterm works.
      - And many more...
      There are still a few patches that I need to include (e.g., Perl interface).
      I hope it can be released in a couple of weeks.

      But now, version 4.6a. Most changes are bug fixes. See "src/version.c" for
      the complete list. There are a few things that might be useful to know about:

      - Tags:
      - The command from a tags file is now completely handled with 'magic' off.
      This makes it more Vi-compatible, and fixes the problem that some tags
      didn't work when 'magic' was off. Also makes a trailing offset after a
      search command work. See |tag_search|. The main impact is that in the
      "doc/vim_tags" file all "\*" have been replaced with "*". Makes the file
      40 Kbyte shorter, but the diff between 4.5 and 4.6 will be big.
      - Fixed: Emacs tags parsing didn't handle identifier names with digits and
      non-white characters before define/typedef names.
      - Added a warning message for when a command from a tags file changes a
      buffer (this is a security leak!). See |tag_security|.
      - Added 'd' flag to 'cpoptions' (not included by default): Using "./tags" in
      'tags' option uses tags file in current directory, instead of relative to
      current file. This makes it Vi-compatible.

      - Viminfo:
      - New feature: Added 'n' flag to 'viminfo': Set name for viminfo filename.
      - Unix: Made use of viminfo file more secure: umask is set to 077 (so others
      can't read it) and owner is checked (so you don't overwrite somebody
      else's viminfo file). See |viminfo_write|.

      - Made Win32 version expand environment variables in file names (just like
      the MS-DOS version already did).

      - Added support for expanding "${HOME}" type of environment variables for Unix
      (Acevedo). Useful for "gf" when '{' and '}' are added to 'isfname'.

      - 32-bit MS-DOS version: Use DJGPP version 2.01 instead of 2.00. Fixes some
      problems with ":!" commands. Fixed kbhit() using BIOS function instead of
      DOS call, was unable to use terminal on serial port. Included CWSDPMI v3
      instead of v1.

      - New feature: When 'shellpipe' is empty, don't redirect the output of ":make"
      into 'errorfile' (for programs that write to 'errorfile' directly).

      - New feature: Allow execution of ":doautocmd" while executing autocommands.
      See |:doautocmd|.

      - Fixed behaviour of backslash inside "[]" of a regexp. It's more
      Vi-compatible now. "\t", "\b", etc. didn't work inside "[]". See |/[]|.
      Added 'l' flag in 'cpoptions' to switch this off again. See |'cpoptions'|.

      - Fixed: "imap <M-Tab>" and ":imap ~I" produced two mappings, the first one
      didn't work. Now any mapping in <C-M-S-key> form is translated into it's
      8-bit ASCII equivalent when possible, instead of using a separate modifier.
      Also makes things like <M-CR> work where <M-^M> worked.

      - Changed directory separator for MS-DOS, Win32 and OS/2 to backslash, because
      a slash sometimes gives problems (in a command name), and the backslash was
      already used in most situations anyway.

      - Fixed: ":/pat1//pat2/" didn't work. It was broken since Version 2.0. Did
      nobody try use this?

      - Fixed: ":r file" didn't set alternate filename.

      - Fixed: Redo of "a)<Esc>" would stay in insert mode when 'showmatch' set and
      there is no match. Don't flush input when there is no match.


      VIM Distribution Sites

      Vim can be found at:
      ftp://ftp.oce.nl/pub/misc/vim/ (Holland)

      ftp://jagubox.gsfc.nasa.gov/pub/unix/vim/ (USA, fast)
      ftp://nuxi.cs.ucdavis.edu/pub/vim (USA, fast)
      ftp://petrified.cic.net/mirrors/vim/ (USA)
      ftp://ftp.fu-berlin.de/pub/misc/editors/vim/ (Germany)
      ftp://ftp.uni-erlangen.de/pub/utilities/vim/ (Germany, incomplete)

      A Linux binary statically linked with Motif can soon be found at:

      A few Win32 binaries (for NT on Alpha, MIPS and PowerPC) can be found at:

      Files (in /pub/misc/vim/beta):

      amiga/vim46asrc.lha Amiga packed sources (excluding src/tags)
      amiga/vim46abin.lha Amiga binary + docs

      atari/... Atari MiNT version (a bit later).

      os2/vim46aos2.zip OS/2 binary (a bit later).

      pc/vim46asrc.zip MS-DOS packed sources (with CR-LF)
      pc/vim46ar16.zip 16 bits MS-DOS binary + docs
      pc/vim46ap32.zip 32 bits MS-DOS binary + docs
      pc/vim46aw32.zip Windows 95/NT binary + docs

      unix/vim-4.6a.tar.gz gzipped tar archive with sources + docs
      unix/vim-45-46a.diff.gz gzipped diff between 4.5 and 4.6a

      vim_46a.txt this file
      README README for version 4.6a

      If you have problems with the diff for the documentation files, that's
      probably because there is a star in the first column of the first line in each
      file. You'll have to fix this by hand.

      -- What's next? --

      Release 4.6 when beta testing has finished.

      Release 5.0a ALPHA in a couple of weeks.

      -- Porting --

      Most ports are going just fine. Still new or incomplete are:

      Axel Kielhorn started work on this (righ?). Will take some time.

      The first version has been made available. I didn't get any feedback, this
      probably means it runs just fine... It's a separate set of files instead of a
      patch, because file names have been changed to fit VMS.

      -- Reporting bugs --

      If you run into bugs or just don't like what you see, let me know. Best is to
      send me patches if you can. Otherwise send me a clear description of the
      problem. Include info about the machine you run it on, and the output of:
      :set all
      :set termcap
      And any other things that apply. Send it to <mool@...>.

      -- Vim mailing lists --

      There are three mailing lists for Vim:

      <vim@...-berlin.de> about using Vim
      <vimdev@...-berlin.de> about developing Vim
      <vimannounce@...-berlin.de> announcements

      If you want to join send a message to
      and put "info" in the body (not in the Subject). Then Majordomo will give you
      a little help. If you have trouble with a mailing list, send a message to
      Felix von Leitner, who made this mailing list work:
      Don't ask him to subscribe or remove you from the list, use majordomo for

      Happy Vimming!

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      BEDEVERE: Ni, ni, ni!
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      \ \ VIM home page: <URL:http://www.math.fu-berlin.de/~guckes/vim/> / /
    • Lennart Schultz
      During compilation of Vim 4.6a BETA i found the following error: in memline.c: line 3048: replace # if defined(S_IFMT) && defined(S_IFLINK) with # if
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 20, 1997
        During compilation of Vim 4.6a BETA i found the following error:

        in memline.c:
        line 3048:
        # if defined(S_IFMT) && defined(S_IFLINK)
        # if defined(S_IFMT) && defined(S_IFLNK)


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