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Vim's charity: phone wanted

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    This message is about Vim s charity, not about Vim itself. If you are not interested, please just skip it. Flame me if you want...
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14 4:50 AM
      This message is about Vim's charity, not about Vim itself. If you are
      not interested, please just skip it. Flame me if you want...


      In October I am going to visit the Kibaale Children's Centre in Uganda.
      Communication with the project has always been difficult, because they
      are in a remote area. Last year I managed to setup a GSM antenna so
      that they could be called.

      I have now heard that the phone broke down. I don't know why or if they
      can get it fixed. But at least I want to bring another phone on my
      trip, either as a replacement or as a backup. I also want to setup
      e-mail, because this is the most convenient method and has much lower

      For this purpose I'm looking for a second hand phone. Hopefully someone
      has one laying around because he got a new one. The phone may be
      scratched and look ugly, so long as it works properly.

      I can't use just any phone, because it needs to be connected to a GSM
      antenna and to a computer. The cables for this are hard to get and/or

      The preferred models are Nokia 5110/6110/7110/6210/6310. These all use
      the same cables and have an antenna connector on the back (usually
      covered by a round rubber plug). For these I can easily get cables that
      I know will work (I used a Nokia 7110 last year). Thus I can use these
      even if you don't have the cables.

      For other models I would need a complete set:
      - Phone with internal modem
      - Antenna cable (adapter) which fits an FME plug. Note that signal
      strength matters, thus it should be a good cable, not an inductive
      coupled one.
      - PC cable to USB, with software that supports using the phone as a modem.

      If you are in Europe you can send it directly to me:

      Bram Moolenaar
      Clematisstraat 30
      5925 BE Venlo
      The Netherlands

      When outside of Europe we need to be aware of taxes. If you can clearly
      mark the package as something up to $20 it should be OK. If it goes
      over that I have to pay taxes (also over the transport costs), this may
      make it unattractive.

      I'm packing my bags October 15, thus it should be here before then.
      Sooner is better, so that I can try it out before leaving. In case of
      any doubt, please ask me before sending anything.

      Here you can read the report of my trip last year, with a picture of the
      GSM antenna I setup then: http://iccf-holland.org/news.html

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