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A new Vim book, presentation and more testing

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    BOOK A new Vim book is available: Vim ge-packt , by Reinhard Wobst. This is a small sized book, but its 350 pages contain lots of useful information.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2004

      A new Vim book is available: "Vim ge-packt", by Reinhard Wobst.

      This is a small sized book, but its 350 pages contain lots of useful
      information. Currently only available in German. Written for Vim version
      6.2, thus it also explains things like exception handling
      ("Ausnahmebehandlung"). The book was published April 2004.

      Lots of tables and examples that make it easy to read. The author has
      added a lot of useful tips. You can either find the section that
      explains the thing you want to do, or read it from start to end and
      encounter things you never thought about looking for.

      Compared to the "big" Vim book by Steve Oualline this is more a
      reference guide than a tutorial. Explanations for the more advanced
      features are explained better, there is less text for a first-time Vim
      user. It's about a third of the price.

      If you order this book from Amazon.de, please use the link on this ICCF
      page, so that 7.5% of the price goes to help orphans in Uganda:


      I will be doing a presentation "Wat schuift dat?" about making money
      with Open Source software at the NLUUG conference on May 27th in Ede,
      the Netherlands. This will be in Dutch. More info here:


      The Vim 6.3a beta release has triggered quite a few bug reports,
      especially for Windows 98. I have now adjusted so much code that a
      second beta test version will be required. Especially because the NSIS
      installer has been adjusted. With a bit of luck 6.3b will be ready in a
      couple of days.

      Life would be so much easier if we could just look at the source code.

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