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98Presentation at SANE conference

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    May 6, 2002
      I will be present at the upcoming SANE 2002 conference. I'm actually
      doing a poster session on A-A-P, but they won't stop us from talking
      about Vim :-). A-A-P is somewhat related to Vim anyway.

      I will be there from Wednesday until Friday (May 29-31). You can
      probably find me hanging around the A-A-P poster.

      For more info about the conference look here:


      SANE stands for System Administration and NEtworking. It is an
      international conference, all presentations are in English.

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      Shouts etc. Suddenly there is a wail of a siren and a couple of police
      cars roar round in front of the charging ARMY and the POLICE leap out and
      stop them. TWO POLICEMAN and the HISTORIAN'S WIFE. Black Marias skid up
      behind them.]
      HISTORIAN'S WIFE: They're the ones, I'm sure.
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