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75the first Vim book

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Apr 19, 2001
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      Finally, the first book about Vim is here!
      It's written by Steve Oualline and published by New Riders.

      It is about 600 pages, and contains an awful lot of information.
      For beginners it starts with explaining the basic commands, with pictures and
      lots of examples. Gradually more advanced commands are introduced. Although
      these are explained with less detail.

      There is a large appendix that lists all the commands and options. A quick
      reference as well.

      You can find more information through this link:


      This also allows you to order the book with a few on-line book stores where a
      percentage of the sales goes to ICCF holland, to help children in Uganda.
      You can find the book in other stores as well (might take some time before it
      is available).

      The book is published under the Open Publication License. I plan to include
      parts of the text in the user manual for Vim 6.0. But that is still many
      months away.

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