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7OS/2 version of Vim 4.6b available

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  • Paul Slootman
    Feb 27, 1997
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      A new OS/2 version is available. Please pick it up and test it if you
      use OS/2!

      Note: there's been a fix for the following situation:

      - bash or tcsh or similar is used as command interpreter instead
      of the plain OS/2 CMD.EXE.
      - Value of environment variable is something like c:/tmp
      - In Vim, do something like ":r !ls". This gives the error message
      "Can't read file c:/tmp\voa01729", and a file c:/tmpvoa01729 is
      created instead of what was expected.

      The problem was that Vim added the standard backslash as path
      separator. That got eaten somewhere between the system() function
      call and actually executing the shell.

      I've fixed this by inspecting the base of the temporary file, looking
      for a forward slash. If found, use a forward slash, else use the
      regular OS/2 backslash.

      This seems to work fine for me, but I'd appreciate it if you try it
      out (and try to break it :-). It should be available in the normal
      places; it's called "vim46bos2.zip" despite it being subtlely
      different from the distributed 4.6b source code.

      Paul Slootman
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