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65Vim 5.6 for Macintosh available

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Mar 18, 2000
      The binary for Vim version 5.6 is now also available for the Macintosh. It
      was compiled and packed by Dany St-Amant.

      Directory: ftp://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/mac

      You will need StuffIt Expander 5.x to extract the files.

      1688291 vim5.6.full.fat.sit Vim 5.6, FAT application + runtime files
      298138 vim5.6.68k.sit Vim 5.6, 68k application only
      624790 vim5.6.fat.sit Vim 5.6, FAT application only
      333697 vim5.6.ppc.sit Vim 5.6, PowerPC application only

      For more information on the Macintosh version, go to:


      For discussions about the Macintosh version, use the vim-mac maillist. Send a
      message to vim-help@... to find out how to subscribe.

      Another note: ftp.vim.org has been moved to another (faster) machine.
      I have not been able to upload files until today. Sorry for the delay.
      It appears to work OK now. Let me know if you have persistent problems.

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