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61Vim 5.6 for 16 bit windows available

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jan 25 1:28 PM
      Hello Vimmers,

      The 5.6 version of Vim on 16-bit MS Windows is available now.
      The port should be stable, but has not been tested with a wide user base.

      You can get the port here:


      Or use one of the mirrors, see:


      The following archives are available:

      gvim56w16.zip - executable with most features enabled, including toolbar and
      gui dialogues. Requires CTL3DV2.DLL (you should have it
      already, it's freely available anyway)

      gvim56m16.zip - executable with minimum features, intended for old machines
      with little memory. No menus, dialogues, or toolbar (but the
      mouse does work :)

      vim54s16.zip - pack of additional sources required to build the exes
      yourself. This is needed in *addition* to the main pc source

      For all versions, you will need the main pc runtime files archive as well.

      All exes have been built with Borland C++ 5.02. The zip files contain readmes
      with extra info.

      Suggested usage guide for W3.1x users:

      If you have a fast machine (>=100MHz) and lots of RAM (>=24M) then you may as
      well use the Win32s port.

      If you have very little RAM (< 4M) then use the min-feat version.

      Otherwise, the standard Win16 version is probably your best overall bet.

      Bug Reporting
      If you find a bug, *please* try it on another version of Vim first - I
      recommend the 32-bit DOS version which will run in a Dos box. This is to
      separate general Vim bugs from those specific to the Win16 port.

      Notes on the Win16 Port
      The Win16 Port has most of the functionality of its big brother, the Win32
      port. What is missing (and probably will remain so):
      1) Bold/Italic text not used (to speed up repaint/reduce resource usage)
      2) No tearoff menus (use too much resources)
      3) No OLE
      4) No long filename support (of course)
      5) No tooltips on toolbar buttons - instead they produce command-line tips
      like menu items do.

      It is recommended that you use a raster font and not a TrueType fixed-pitch
      font. e.g. Use Courier, not Courier New. This is not just to use less
      resources but because there are subtle bugs in the handling of fixed-pitch
      TrueType in Win3.1x. In particular, when you move a block cursor over a pipe
      character '|', the cursor is drawn in the wrong size and bits get left behind.
      This is a bug in the Win3.1x GDI, it doesn't happen if you run the exe under

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