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41[Administrativa] mailinglists changes

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  • Oezguer Kesim
    Mar 9, 1999
      Hello all,

      your vim-mailinglists-master is writing to inform you about some changes coming
      up in the very near future:

      - The machine which currently serves the maillinglists will be
      exchanged by a better one (you know -- faster, more RAM and
      such...). To be specific: We are going to switch from one machine
      to another, i.e. IP-number and hostname will change.

      - The mailing list software will be upgraded.

      That means for you:

      - Nothing. Simply keep on sending to <list>@... as usual.


      - Better handling of `unauthorized' mails to the list.

      - Better aliasing support -- have one email-address you wish to
      recipe mails and multiple you send from.

      - Improvements for the digests lists:

      - Digests will be created, whenever (n days went by | k bytes
      came in | l messages came in).

      - Better MIME support -- f.e. threading in mutt will be

      It _may_ happen, that something goes wrong and some delay or bounces of mails
      occur... but I don't think so... (gulp)

      Well, anyway, I'll come through again with the last notification soon.

      postmaster&mailinglistmaster for VIM

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