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29Update to Vim version 5.0

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Mar 2, 1998
      Hello Vim users!

      Vim version 5.0 seems to be doing quite well. As usual with a major release,
      a few problems have been reported. But nothing serious. I will fix reported
      bugs, and bring out version 5.1 in a month or so. In the mean time, watch the
      vim-dev maillist for patches. Including enhancements will then be in 5.2.

      Unfortunately, there was a problem in the ctags 2.0 version that is included
      with Vim 5.0. The "-a" argument caused a hang. Since I didn't want to
      release another version of Vim yet, I have created new archives with Vim 5.0
      plus Ctags 2.0.2.

      Here is an overview of the new and changed archives:

      unix/vim-5.0.tar.gz Changed: src/ctags/*
      unix/ctags-2.0-2.0.2.diff.gz New: diff between 2.0 and 2.0.2
      beta-test/unix/vim-5.0x-5.0.diff.gz Changed: src/ctags/*

      pc/vim50src.zip Changed: src/ctags/*
      pc/vim50d16.zip Changed: new ctags.exe
      pc/ctags202d16.zip New: ctags.exe for MS-DOS 16 bit
      pc/vim50d32.zip Changed: new ctags.exe
      pc/ctags202d32.zip New: ctags.exe for MS-DOS 32 bit
      pc/vim50w32.zip Changed: new ctags.exe
      pc/ctags202w32.zip New: ctags.exe for Windows 95/NT
      pc/gvim50.zip Changed: new ctags.exe

      amiga/vim50src.tgz Changed: src/ctags/*
      amiga/vim50bin.tgz Changed: new ctags.exe
      amiga/ctags202.tgz New: Ctags executable

      os2/vim50os2.zip Changed: new ctags.exe
      os2/ctags202os2.zip New: ctags.exe for OS/2

      If you want to do it the easy way, just download the changed archive, which
      includes everything. If you want to save bandwith, download only the new
      archive, which contains ctags version 2.0.2.

      Let it be clear that the sources and executables of Vim 5.0 are exactly the
      same, only the ctags files have changed. Some of the .zip archives are
      smaller, because "zip -9" was now used.

      Note that an executable version of Vim for Be is also available now (but with
      ctags 2.0).


      You can find Vim 5.0 here:


      Or use one of the mirrors (updated within in a couple of days), see:


      Happy Vimming!

      Violators can be fined, arrested or jailed for making ugly faces at a dog.
      [real standing law in Oklahoma, United States of America]

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