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21Exuberant Ctags 1.7 released

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  • Darren Hiebert
    Oct 15, 1997
      Dear Vim Users,

      I have just released Exuberant Ctags version 1.7. Exuberant Ctags is the
      ctags utility which is included with Vim. I include the release notes here
      for your reference. As always, you can find it at:

      http://fly.hiwaay.net/~darren/ctags.html (Official web site)

      or in the next release of Vim.

      97-Oct-13 1.7: Changes since version 1.6:
      Added support for extension flags and documentation pseudo-tags in tag
      file (see man page).

      Added support for new long options: --excmd, --format, --if0, --sort,
      --totals, and --version.

      Revamped preprocessor conditional handling algorithm to correct a couple
      of deficiencies. You might find that it now rejects a few tags which had
      been included previously (e.g within a conditional within a function

      Code within an #if 0 is never scanned for non-macro tags (since tags
      within that code could conceivably be overridden by more desirable tags
      in the #else branch to follow; macro tags are always included). If you
      do not like this default behavior, use the --if0=yes option. I agree
      that the default setting is arguable. If people really prefer, I can
      change the default. Corrected problem which could leave invalid tag
      entries in tag file when an internal re-scan of a source file occurred.

      Corrected problem with internal sort mechanism when appending tags to
      existing file.

      Filter out duplicate identical tags lines (including pattern) in
      external sorting unless warnings for duplicate tags are enabled.

      Added data to emacs style tag entries to more closely match that
      produced by the GNU etags.

      Removed fixed limits on maximum tag line length.

      Correction to Amiga makefile.

      Improvements to Win32 portability with changes to Makefile.w32.

      For next release (2.0):
      C++ support (finally!)

      Darren Hiebert <darren@...> http://fly.hiwaay.net/~darren