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197Planning Vim 7.3

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Apr 11, 2010
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      Hello Vim users!

      It has been a long time since the last release: Vim 7.2 was released in
      August 2008. There have been many patches, but not everybody will use
      them. It's about time for 7.3!

      I will try to include a few patches that have been pending for a while.
      I don't have much time available, thus I will only include things that
      take a few hours of my time. That basically means patches that are
      ready to be included.

      I will check the voting list to see what the most popular features are:

      One thing that I will certainly do is improve the MS-Windows installer.
      I recently installed Vim on a new laptop and it didn't work very well.
      More and more people are using Windows 7. I think that taking Window XP
      as the minimal platform will work well. I hope we can make installing
      Vim on MS-Windows as simple and reliable as possible.

      I also plan to drop the split in "lang" and "extra" archives. The
      burden to have several feature sets is no longer justified by the
      slightly smaller distribution. Putting everything together makes things
      a lot simpler.

      Mercurial is going to be the primary method for distribution. I'll
      drop CVS, it slows me down too much. Someone else might be able to
      mirror the Mercurial repository in CVS, like it's done for Subversion.

      I hope to bring out a first beta version by the end of May. That gives
      everybody time to send me updated and polished patches and runtime
      files. I need to have these halfway May, I also need some time to
      integrate everything.

      It would also be nice if we can update the spell files. Volunteers
      wanted! See $VIMRUNTIME/spell/README.txt, the "MAINTAINING A LANGUAGE"

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