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193Vim charity update

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    May 12, 2009
      Hello Vim users,

      Vim comes for free. I do ask you to consider helping Vim's charity,
      please read on.

      In April I have visited the Kibaale Childrens Centre. My overall
      impression is that things are very organized, many children are given
      proper education and other basic needs. We are gradually able to help
      the community improve the living conditions in this poor district. You
      can read my report, with lots of pictures, here:

      The new clinic has become very popular. Every day many patients come
      here for medical help that would otherwise not be available to them.
      The Kibaale clinic saves lives!

      This popularity comes at a price. We struggle to pay for all the
      medicine, salaries of the medical staff, maintenance of equipment, etc.
      Therefore I have set up this page for sponsoring a room in the clinic:

      We need your help!

      Happy Vimming!

      hundred-and-one symptoms of being an internet addict:
      226. You sit down at the computer right after dinner and your spouse
      says "See you in the morning."

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      /// sponsor Vim, vote for features -- http://www.Vim.org/sponsor/ \\\
      \\\ download, build and distribute -- http://www.A-A-P.org ///
      \\\ help me help AIDS victims -- http://ICCF-Holland.org ///

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