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131Vim tutorial in Amsterdam

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jul 13, 2004
      I will be doing a Vim tutorial during the SANE conference in September.
      It is intended for Vim users who know the basic editing commands and
      want to learn how to edit more effectively.

      This tutorial presents Vim solutions to every-day editing tasks, such as
      answering e-mail, writing source code and creating web pages. Practical
      examples will be given for clever solutions, which you can adjust to
      your own situation: Formatting text, finding your way in a tree of
      source files, using search patterns, etc.

      An introduction is given to customizing Vim to your needs. Writing Vim
      scripts with functions, creating user commands and mappings that you can
      automate editing tasks with. And when Vim is not enough, know how to
      invoke external commands and use the Perl or Python interface.

      Date: September 27, 2004
      Location: RAI Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
      Website: http://www.sane.nl


      The Vim tutorial is part of the SANE 2004 conference. There are several
      other interesting tutorials, given by experts in the field. Examples:

      - MySQL by the writer of the MySQL documentation.
      - Linux Firewals by the programmer of the firewall code in the 2.0
      - FreeBSD 5.2 by Kirk McKusick.

      Presentations at the conference:

      - Keynote by Paul Kilmartin, Director of eBay.
      - Presentations by Unix veterans Peter Salus and Wietse Venema.
      - Oscar winner John Nelson on the special effects in the movie
      "I Robot".
      - And many others.


      Also interesting is the Free Software Bazaar on Wednesday evening.
      Many Open Source developers will be there. Free entrance!

      I will lead a Vim 7 Birds Of a Feather session. An overview of the
      groups that already confirmed they will be present can be found here:


      There is still room for more Free and Open Source developers to join the
      Bazaar. A unique opportunity to show the people what you are working on
      and get direct feedback.

      Richard Stallman will do a presentation at the Bazaar.

      Sometimes you can protect millions of dollars in your budget simply by buying
      a bag of cookies, dropping it on the budget anylyst's desk, and saying
      something deeply personal such as "How was your weekend, big guy?"
      (Scott Adams - The Dilbert principle)

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