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124Vim and Vimdoc website updates

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Mar 3, 2004

      The vimdoc pages were lagging behind, there was no active maintenance.
      Dan Sharp took the initiative and has updated the pages now. Most
      noticable is the new look, but the contents has also been improved.

      You can find the pages here:

      Thanks to Dan Sharp!


      The Vim download pages are visited very often. I made the index a bit
      easier to read and split off the parts about sources and patches to
      their own page. The main download page now only contains the list of
      all systems. That should make it a bit simpler to find what you want.

      A new page has been created for the translated help files. There isn't
      much yet, only a link to the French translation. The italian one should
      be added soon and more changes to come later.

      I want to express my appreciation to the people who did the
      translations. This is a huge achievement! The use of translated help
      files is possible only after the recent patch 6.2.299, thus I hope more
      translations will become available now.


      Upon request I have added one item to vote on:

      - Add option to highlight the screen line (and column) of the cursor

      Note that this doesn't mean this would actually be implemented, but the
      votes give me an idea of what people prefer.

      More info about voting can be found here:

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