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100New web site layout online

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Aug 5, 2002
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      The new Vim web site is there!

      It works with both of these URLs:


      Ricardo Signes did most of the work to organise the information. I have
      fit it into the PHP pages that already existed at vim-online.

      If you see a technical problem (layout messed up, error message) contact
      me. If you have remarks on the contents or are missing something,
      please report it to Ricardo (samael-vim AT lists.manxome.org).
      Suggesting a place to put the information will help.
      For discussions about the looks the Vim maillist can be used.

      Background: This complete change of the Vim web site was triggered by
      Sven's Vim pages no longer working. And it's nice to have a central
      site with links to everything you always wanted to know about Vim.

      (unrelated): In case you were thinking of getting the Lord Of The Rings
      DVD or video (to be released August 6), using this link will give 15% of
      the sales to Vim's charity project in Uganda:


      hundred-and-one symptoms of being an internet addict:
      106. When told to "go to your room" you inform your parents that you
      can't...because you were kicked out and banned.

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