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Re: Newline in guittabtooltip?

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  • Tony Mechelynck
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    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 26, 2008
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      On 25/11/08 21:36, Dennis Benzinger wrote:
      > Am 25.11.2008 21:09, Erik Falor schrieb:
      >> [...]
      >> Option 1: Don't use an escape sequence with :set; use the terminal
      >> code:
      >> :set guitabtooltip=a<Ctrl-V><Ctrl-M>b
      >> Option 2: Treat it as an expression rather than an option:
      >> :let&guitabtooltip="a\nb"
      >> Using :set with very complicated string options is a real pain. With
      >> :let, you can avoid much of the headache associated with backslashes
      >> and whitespace. And, in this case, it's the only way to get escape
      >> characters recognized.
      > Are these options documented in the help? If not, could you write a
      > patch for the help files (probably for :help setting-guitablabel)? I
      > don't know what to write because I don't know why these options work and
      > why other ways of including a newline in guitabtooltip don't work.
      > Thanks,
      > Dennis Benzinger

      :help :let-option
      :help expr-quote

      Best regards,
      "I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person."

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