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Re: Problem building vim for multiple platforms

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  • James Kanze
    On Oct 9, 12:21 am, Tony Mechelynck ... Yes. I noticed this in the documentation shortly after posting (and after generating
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 10, 2008
      On Oct 9, 12:21 am, Tony Mechelynck <antoine.mechely...@...>
      > On 08/10/08 17:22, James Kanze wrote:
      > > I've just downloaded the sources for vim (under Unix), and
      > > am having a problem with the build procedure. According to
      > > src/INSTALL, in order to build for multiple architectures, I
      > > should create a target directory for each architecture, then
      > > "`cd' to the directory where you want the object files and
      > > executables to go and run the `configure' script.
      > > `configure' automatically checks for the source code in the
      > > directory that `configure' is in and in `..'."

      > > This isn't working, and a quick glance at the configure
      > > script (both $root/configure and $root/src/configure) show
      > > that there is nothing in those scripts which tries to figure
      > > out the directory. (I'm invoking configure with an absolute
      > > pathname, so ` dirname $0 ` should be sufficient for it to
      > > find it's subdirectories.)

      > > For the moment, I'll just go ahead and build like I do with
      > > a lot of other programs: configure, build and install from
      > > the root, then do a distclean before repeating for another
      > > platform. But if this is the way to do it, the
      > > documentation should be updated.

      > To build several versions of Vim on a single system, I
      > recommend the "shadow directory" method.

      Yes. I noticed this in the documentation shortly after posting
      (and after generating both the Linux and Solaris versions as
      explained above). IIRC, it's what I actually did last time (for
      7.1); I'd just forgotten it. But the documentation should
      probably be corrected to only give this method.

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