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Re: Installing vim71 on Windows XP

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  • Gary Johnson
    ... That s what I do, too, but another way to get vim in your PATH is to check the install vim batch files in WINDOWS SYSTEM folder (or some label similar to
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 8, 2008
      On 2008-10-08, Erik Falor <ewfalor@...> wrote:
      > On Wed, Oct 08, 2008 at 01:06:52PM -0700, forty wrote:
      > >
      > > Tried to install VIM71 on my Windows XP.
      > > Have icons gvim7.1, gvim71 easy and gvim read only on my desk top.
      > >
      > > However, using vim in a directory, I get 'vim' is not recognized ...
      > > How do I enable, or how should I start over and not make same error?
      > >
      > > PS I have it installed on my laptop (Vista).
      > You need to add the directory containing vim.exe to your %PATH%
      > variable. In gvim, you can :let @+ = $VIMRUNTIME to copy that directory
      > to your system clipboard. Then, paste it into the %PATH% variable in
      > the Control Panel, start a new DOS window, and you'll be set.
      > As for editing the environment variable, I don't knowwhere they put that
      > in Vista, but in XP you could get to it through Control Panel->System,
      > then clicking the Advanced tab, and then clicking the "Environment
      > Variables" button.

      That's what I do, too, but another way to get vim in your PATH is to
      check the "install vim batch files in WINDOWS SYSTEM folder" (or
      some label similar to that) check box when you run the vim
      installer. That folder is already in your PATH, so when you execute
      "vim" at the command prompt, the vim.bat file is executed first
      which then executes $VIMRUNTIME\vim.exe.


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