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World's Most Effective Mind Power Course!!

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  • Shalini
    *Welcome to the World s** Most **Powerful** Mind Power** Course!* *Not Available in Stores... * [image: India s no.1 top selling mind power
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2008

      Welcome to the World's Most Powerful
      Mind Power

      Not Available in Stores...

      India's no.1 top selling mind power course  +  Active Image

      Written, Recorded and Compiled By: Anneke Riewald &
      Mohammed Shiraz Qamar

      Dear Sir/Madam,
      After a GREAT SUCCESS of "MIND Your Intellect"- A Mind Power Self Study Course from Golden Inspirations. Now we are happy to launch Digital Version of the Mind Power Course with INSTANT PAY & INSTANT DOWNLOAD Feature. Now you can improve your mind power at the comfort of your home.
                                We all know how important our Mind is, whatever we are and whatever we do good or bad is created by our own Mind. But very few people know that you can get whatever you want, a better job? Better relationships? Peaceful & Problem free life? Etc. Just by improving your mind power.

      "This course will change the way you look towards yourself. This course is especially designed to help you understand how your mind works, and how you can unleash the hidden potential of your mind."

      Course Includes:-

      1. An Excellent book on Unleashing Mind Power.
      2. Two Audio CDs with 10 different scientifically designed Meditations & Relaxation Exercises to help you make your mind more efficient.

      Note:- Now you have the freedom to select from Meditation CDs or Mind Power book separate or both together.

      For your comfort we have also included Free Cash on Delivery (COD) service across INDIA. Course will be delivered to you within "3 Business Days".

      We have especially kept a low price of "Rs 995/-" for the complete package.
      & Just "Rs 499/-" for the Digital Download Version.

      CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE or call us at: +91 9871119075

      For Outsite India:
      Hard Copy Version:
      Just $33/-
      Digital Downloadable Version: Just $13/-

      Few of the contents of this course:-

      · Stress Management.

      · Memory improving techniques.

      · How to improve Concentration.

      · Quick relaxation techniques.

      · Conscious & Sub-Conscious Mind.

      ·  How does your Mind work? And how can u improve it?

      · Mind Levels (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta).

      · How to improve Exam/Work Results? (Special BONUS chapter for students).

      · What are Intuitions and how to develop them?


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      Team Golden Inspirations

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