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Re: Control-Shift Key Mappings

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  • Casey McGinty
    Casey wrote: Hi, I m using Gvim in latest Ubuntu. Is there anyway to setup mappings? All my attempts end up replacing the mappings.
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 27, 2008
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      Casey wrote:
      Hi, I'm using Gvim in latest Ubuntu. Is there anyway to setup<Ctrl-
      Shift-key>  mappings? All my attempts end up replacing the<Ctrk-key>
      Which Ctrl-Shift-key mappings? The ASCII control codes are so defined, 
      that Ctrl-A is the same as Ctrl-a, Ctrl-B as Ctrl-b, etc., Ctrl-Z as 
      Ctrl-z: Ctrl+shift+letter is the same as Ctrl+ the same letter. It may 
      be different for non-printable keys; however, on my openSUSE Linux 
      system, Ctrl+Fx and Ctrl+Alt+Fx never reach Vim, they are preempted by 
      the window manager or by the kernel.
      Some other programs may distinguish between Ctrl+letter and 
      Ctrl+shift+letter if they have access to the raw keyboard scancode and 
      shift bits; Vim keeps them identical as per the ASCII standard (also 
      Space and Shift-Space).
      IMHO your best bet for mappings is to map Fn and Shift-Fn keys: most 
      other keys (at least those that Vim can reliably receive) already have a 
      meaning in Vim.
      Best regards,
      Yes, I meant standard Ctrl-Shift-letter. Most programs in X/Gnome can distinguish these mappings. I understand the desire to follow ASCII standards, but to end user it appears as a bug or limitation.

      And where the default keys might be good for one person, that might be suboptimal for physically disabled typist. I'm sure everyone has there own separate needs and would want a unique set of features to improve their text input speed. For me, the Fx keys are too cumbersome to be used frequently, and it would be nice to have the option of <ctrl-shift-letter> mappings (also <ctrl-i> would be nice too).

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