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The Vim maillists have moved

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    You may have noticed that the Vim maillist server has died. It was an old machine. A big thanks to the people in Berlin for keeping it alive for such a long
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2007
      You may have noticed that the Vim maillist server has died. It was an
      old machine. A big thanks to the people in Berlin for keeping it alive
      for such a long time!

      The situation with our own maillist server was OK, but when the
      maintainer is on a holiday it may take quite a long time before a
      problem gets fixed. Or we lose contact with the maintainer for unknown
      reasons (which is what happened last week with a potential new server).
      Several people suggested using Google Groups. We have tried it out for
      a few days with the vim-experiment group. It mostly works well.
      Although it is not perfect I have decided to move everything there now.

      You are getting this message because you were subscribed to one of the
      maillists in the past. The subscriber lists are NOT transferred to the
      new groups (1). If you want to continue getting messages about Vim you
      need to subscribe.


      To subscribe, send a message to the <name>-subscribe@... list. You
      will get a message back that you need to reply to before you are
      actually subscribed. NOTE: clicking on the URL in the message may not

      These are the subscription addresses:

      vim-announce-subscribe@... important announcements only
      vim-subscribe@... using Vim
      vim-dev-subscribe@... developing Vim
      vim-mac-subscribe@... Vim on the Mac
      vim-multibyte-subscribe@... multi-byte issues

      Note that, like before, you need to be subscribed to be able to post a
      message. Thus make sure you subscribe from the same account you would
      normally send a message to a Vim list from.

      For more information visit: http://www.vim.org/maillist.php
      You can set your subscription to be in digest form on the Google Groups
      webpage. I haven't seen a method using e-mail only yet.

      After a few days the vim-experiment list will be removed, please stop
      using it.

      I'm trying to add the Yahoo groups as a subscriber, so that we have a
      complete archive there (well, for as far as Yahoo didn't delete messages
      for quota reasons). Didn't work yet.

      Happy Vimming!

      - Bram

      (1) I have tried to use the "add subscribers" feature of Google Groups,
      but they have several mechanisms to protect from spammers misusing
      this. I have sent in a few lists, some people may be automatically
      subscribed. But it was too cumbersome to do it for everybody.

      All good vision statements are created by groups of people with bloated
      bladders who would rather be doing anything else.
      (Scott Adams - The Dilbert principle)

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