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Re: determining if buffer is modified.. etc

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  • Yakov Lerner
    ... Yakov
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 30, 2007
      On 4/30/07, Normandie Azucena <Normandie.Q.Azucena@...> wrote:
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      > Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 1:53 PM
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      > Subject: Re: determining if buffer is modified.. etc
      > On 4/30/07, Normandie Azucena <Normandie.Q.Azucena@...> wrote:
      > > hi all!
      > >
      > > I need to know if a certain buffer is modified. how can I do this?
      > if &modified | echo "buffer is modified" | endif
      > > also can I disable the prompt that says that buffer or file has
      > changed
      > > and gives me an option to load the new file or not? because I want vim
      > > to automatically load changed files at certain times(i.e. when I
      > invoke
      > > a certain function that automatically change the contents of the
      > files)
      > Add exclamation mark to the command
      > Yakov
      > hi yakov!
      > tnx for the info.
      > however about my 2nd question, what I wanted to know is this scenario
      > I have a file lets say myfile.
      > its currently open to a buffer.
      > but then I input this file to a perl script then save the results
      > what vim will do is prompt me that my file changed and make me choose to
      > load it or not (because it is open in a buffer).
      > This scenario is what I don't want to happen because obviously it was
      > really my intention to change the file in the first place.
      > can I disable this prompt somehow?

      :set autoread

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