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Re: [SPAM?]Re: gvimdiff and gvim 7 in windows

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  • A.J.Mechelynck
    ... don t forget the initial colon ... Best regards, Tony.
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 1, 2006
      Robert Cussons wrote:
      > panshizhu@... wrote:
      >> Robert Cussons <r.cussons@...> wrote on 2006.07.21 19:19:56:
      >>> because this is the size I want my gvim window to be when it opens,
      >>> however as gvimdiff opens at least two buffers I would like it to open
      >>> full screen, is there a way of getting this to happen?
      >>> gvim 7 in windows part:
      >>> I also use gvim at home, but there I use gvim 7 on windows instead of
      >>> gvim 6.3 on debian. So I have a few questions:
      >>> How do I use gvimdiff in windows?
      >>> If I already have a gvim window open how do I launch a new separate
      >>> instance of gvim from inside the first window (without having to go to
      >>> the desktop and click the icon!)
      >>> Sorry this is more of a windows question than gvim: On my linux machine
      >>> running KDE I have Ctrl-Shift-G set up to launch gvim, is there a way to
      >>> set a keyboard shortcut in Windows XP to do the same?
      >>> Many thanks for any help,
      >>> Rob.
      >> If you want to maximize the window in Windows, here is the way:
      >> if has("gui_win32") " NT Windows
      >> autocmd GUIEnter * :simalt ~x
      >> endif
      >> Note that it should be wrapped inside an autocmd group, if you don't have
      >> any autocmd inside your .vimrc, here is the way:
      >> augroup vimrcEx
      >> autocmd!
      >> " put your autocmd here.
      >> augroup END
      >> About diff mode: I use the following to test for diff mode, but I forget
      >> why it works.
      >> let in_diff_mode = 0
      >> windo let in_diff_mode = in_diff_mode + &l:diff
      >> if in_diff_mode == 1
      >> " do something
      >> else
      >> " do something else
      >> endif
      >> About short-cut key for launch gvim? just create a shortcut on desktop or
      >> start menu, then right click to change the properties, the short cut key
      >> could be set there.
      >> --
      >> Sincerely, Pan, Shi Zhu. ext: 2606
      > A very late reply to this, thanks for the diff mode tip that works great
      > on Linux, I will try it on windows later.
      > The short-cut key works, I had already tried it, but I was trying to
      > type in the box rather than press the keys themselves, DOH! The only
      > problem is that if you already have a gvim session running all the
      > shortcut key does is maximize it, but nevermind, in that case I will
      > just use what Tony suggested: !gvim
      > Thanks,
      > Rob.

      don't forget the initial colon


      Best regards,
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