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Re: unmapping thinkpad back forward key?

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  • panshizhu@routon.com
    ... Hi, It is safe to just map the ^[[33~ key like the following: if &term == xterm map ^[[33~ map! ^[[33~ endif Map them to just disable
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 31, 2006
      Jiang Qian <jqian@...> wrote on 2006.07.31 15:32:15:
      > Hi All:
      > I've been out of clue with this one: I have a thinkpad notebook, which
      > has backward and forward key just above <arrow back> and <arrow>
      > <forward>.
      > In X, I add the lines to ~/.Xmodmap:
      > keycode 234=F19
      > keycode 233=F20
      > to map the two keys to something useful. If I use gvim and type the
      > Forward and Backward key in insert mode, it indeed generates <F19> and
      > <F20> on screen.
      > However I always use vim under gnome-terminal or xterm. Sometimes I
      > accidentally hit the forward backward key, they capitalize to the
      > end/beginning of the word, whether I'm in normal or insert mode. I find
      > it extremely annoying. I'm trying to disable this.
      > And if I type ctrl-v in bash shell and then hit the forward/backward
      > key, it generates ^[[33~ and ^[[34~ which I assume are the literal
      > keystroke I'm sending to the terminal. However how do I map these into
      > something useful such as the <Left> and <Right> key, or instead the map
      > them to do nothing at all?
      > If you need more info do diagnose the problem, please let me, too!
      > Thanks a lot in advance.
      > Jiang


      It is safe to just map the ^[[33~ key like the following:

      if &term == 'xterm'
      map ^[[33~ <Nop>
      map! ^[[33~ <Nop>

      Map them to <Nop> just disable it, Map them to <Left> also works.

      Note that you need to use ctrl-v to input that character sequence ^[[33~.


      BTW: its good to see (possibly) chinese name in Vim forum, and I'm glad to
      see a chinese still using her real name abroad.
      Sincerely, Pan, Shi Zhu. ext: 2606
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