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Re: Modificaton needed to cobol.vim syntax file.

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  • Peter Hodge
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    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 4, 2006

      Does enabling the legacy code option fix the problem? Try:

      :let cobol_legacy_code = 1
      :syntax on


      :help cobol

      ... for more information.


      --- "John R. Culleton" <john@...> wrote:

      > At present if syntax is on and the filetype is e.g., cbl and
      > the file is a legacy cobol app then any number in columns 1-6 causes
      > an error and the entire line is highlighted in white text on a
      > red background. This is incorrect. To illustrate:
      > is correct and should not be highlighted.
      > Unfortunately I don't know enough about syntax files to pick out
      > the line in cobol.vim that is causing the problem. Can someone tell me what
      > needs to be commented out or changed?
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