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Re: :hardcopy E673 in gVim on GTK2

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... Sorry, it s not true that printencoding must be an 8-bit encoding. You can use utf-8 , e.g., when printing Japanese. That is actually a new feature in
    Message 1 of 9 , May 2 10:48 AM
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      Steve Hall wrote:

      > > "utf-8" is not a valid value for 'printencoding'. It must be an
      > > 8-bit character set.
      > >
      > > The help mentions that it would fall back to "latin1" when
      > > 'printencoding' is not a supported encoding, but this apparently
      > > doesn't happen.
      > This must have changed in 7.0, 6.4.10 and prior work fine.
      > > I don't know if the help should be updated (the error can be a
      > > useful hint why printing doesn't work as expected) or that Vim
      > > should fall back to "latin1" and perhaps print something weird.
      > > Falling back would be fine if you use only latin1 even when the
      > > encoding is utf-8.
      > Your top line above would be appreciated at :help 'printencoding. Or
      > tweaking :help 'penc-option, it currently reads that with +multi_byte
      > and +iconv conversion is automatic. (Or maybe the bug prevents this?)

      Sorry, it's not true that 'printencoding' must be an 8-bit encoding.
      You can use "utf-8", e.g., when printing Japanese. That is actually a
      new feature in Vim 7. And also why it was ignored in Vim 6.4, even
      though it was an illegal value then.

      This is an example where not giving an error message for an unsupported
      value causes trouble when later supporting that value.

      Mike, perhaps when checking the encoding the check for a matching
      charset should also be done when 'printmbcharset' is empty. Using the
      default charset then doesn't work.

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      definitely have no idea what it is.
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