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RE: issues with taglist and minibuffer explorer

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  • jagpreet
    ... From: James Vega [mailto:jamessan@jamessan.com] Sent: Monday, May 01, 2006 7:15 PM To: Vim mailing list Subject: Re: issues with taglist and minibuffer
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      From: James Vega [mailto:jamessan@...]
      Sent: Monday, May 01, 2006 7:15 PM
      To: Vim mailing list
      Subject: Re: issues with taglist and minibuffer explorer

      On Mon, May 01, 2006 at 06:45:24PM +0530, jagpreet wrote:
      > Hi There,
      > I'm using two most downloaded vim plugins MiniBufferExplorer(By bindu
      > wavell) and taglist(By Yegappan Lakshmanan) for working on C++ files.
      > When I open a file on a consol window, and use the Taglist plugin it works
      > absolutely fine as documented. In the same consol window if I open another
      > file with ":e <file2>" then it open the MiniBufferExplorer window as well
      > and I can see the list of files present in the buffer.
      > Also, the taglist plugin works absolutely well, i.e. giving the list of
      > the variables and functions befined in both the files.
      > THE PROBLEM starts after I close either of the files with :q command.

      You should be using :bd to close the buffer. :q is used to close
      windows. ":help windows-intro" gives a basic rundown of the differences
      between buffers and windows.

      > [snip]
      > Furthermore if I close(:q), either of the files and switch to another file
      > by selecting it from the buffer window it opens the files in black and
      > white("vi ") mode, like syntax off commend is given.

      This is a documented problem with MiniBufExpl and there is a variable
      you can let to attempt to fix this. If you read the notes at the top of
      MiniBufExpl.vim, you should find the information you need. You may find
      bufexplorer.vim to be less intrusive and easier to use. That's what I
      switched to after getting frustrated with MiniBufExpl.vim.



      Thanks for reply,
      I downloaded Bufexplorer.vim and tried using it.
      Everytime I use the as described in document "\be" or "\bs" I get the
      "E488: Trailing characters"

      Is there anything else I need to add in .vimrc regarding this plugin, though
      nothing as such is mentioned in the document.
      Also, when I open another file in the window with command ":e <file2>" it
      does open the file but buffer doesn't appear at all(this was happening in
      MiniBufferexplorer), I want the buffer to appear as soon as there is second
      file is opened in window.

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